#B90X - DAY 86 - Write Every Day - Daily Habit #7



Our ideas are just ideas… and they pass very quickly.

Writing every day not only gives clarity, but can unlock the imagination and make it real!

Spend time writing today. You’ll thank yourself!

Writing & Blogging Workshop (Livestream Event)

Finally today I will write down all the notes I have made in my last 2 books I have read)


I’m going to try do this everyday even if it’s minor.
Half way through this series i was doing self analysis & writing down goals, where i was in life & that was the first time i’d really thought about anything towards myself deep. It was easy to put the pen to paper.


I used to write a blog and answer questions on quora anonymously. I had over 70k views or something like that.

I don’t feel like I have enough life accomplishments to actually write about any topic publicly so I stopped writing.

I want to persuade my family to master the English language and to start investing. To do this I need to stop confusing my inward thinking with speaking.


@peter are you holding typing and physically writing as equals? I have read that they do not trigger the same parts of the brain, but going back and rereading/editing what is already written is the same across all mediums.


No. Writing physically is far superior than typing in terms of memory stickiness.


That is what everything I have read says, thank you for the clarification for what counts in terms of the daily habit :grin:


I started keeping a diary and organising my thoughts in 2016 and I now consider it one of the best investments of my time.


Thanks for the tip. I will start this today.


yes everyone needs to do this!!! I started to do this 2 years ago. helps me a lot. If I don’t write everything down i’ll forget it. you can have great ideas or goals in your head but in an hour your going to forget it. I was good at that. Now I just write my self little notes all the time. ppl give me shit for it all the time. but I need to write it down. It helps me remember what I’m doing better and keeps me focused because its almost like a contract with your self. now that I wrote it down I feel more obligated to do it. and its something I’m trying to bet my brother to do now also because he is so scattered in his life. but he is 13 years younger than me so this is a hard one for him to do because of cell phones. he can put it on his cell (not the same as writing it down in my book lol). but we are all at different points in our lives and hope we all get to the same place on the moon :rocket:


I guess it’s time to invest in a notebook and give this a try. I’ve never been good at writing down my thoughts or ideas, so it will be a challenge.


In this audiobook I’m listening too apparently physically writing something down is over 10,000 or 1,000 nueropathways while typing something only requires 8


The mind learns via three methods: visually, auditory and kinesthetically (ie: touch, writing). Writing reinforces and validates the others so it is essential for our evolution into better lives. I am also an aspiring author, so this is an essential habit for me, beyond business.


I do notes more often now than in the past.
Since January I do them in english only, which was very challenging at the beginning but I knew that’s the very important for me to learn more, especially writing english.


I physically do not writes as much as I should. I take a lot of notes; however, notes are simple or short expressions of something to remember in the future. Perhaps I should start a daily journal as a simple daily exercise.


I’m starting this exercise by writing today’s chores. Let me know if anyone wants to take any of these off my plate lol j/k:

1- Call a garage repair guy my spring broke
2- Fix the splitter on my car
3- Mow/weedeat
4- Dishes
5- Clean the office
6- Fix leaky water hose faucet in front yard

Finally celebrate our day of Independence with the family! :wink:


I don’t write as an exercise.
I write on post it notes. To do lists. To research lists. Book lists.
I write on whiteboards. All the things I want to learn. All the things I want to upgrade.
I write principles, quotes.
But I don’t write to clear my mind or brainstorm.
I should try this. Even Tim Ferriss recommends this and it is probably the only tip from Tim which I have not undertaken with zeal


I’m writing this comment! :stuck_out_tongue:

As a Software Engineer as well, I agree that writing down for a game plan to tackle the code can make life easier. I assume it is the same for writing down notes for wedding plans, a weekly schedule for meal preps and other various activities!

Let’s write this down, “I’ll have one full Bitcoin within the next month!”


This is something I definitely need to work on more. John recommended me a few weeks ago at one of the workshops and I was doing it for a bit but because of my time mismanagement I stopped doing it.
Definitely gotta get back on that horse with no excuses. #anotherday #anotherlesson


To confirm it was over 10,000 neural pathways are created when you write something down. Also blue ink helps you remember more. This is all from an audiobook though so not sure how true the facts are.

But have been making it a habit to write down all the B90X content question and answer.