#B90X - DAY 86 - Write Every Day - Daily Habit #7


Ok I will give it a go.
I will start now.
So this moring my wifes alarm went off 30 mins early. I did my thunderbird count down and jumped out of bed. Only to hear my wife say " Its 6.00 am, get back in bed"
So i did and i snoozed for 30mins or so, finally getting up late and feeling like complete shit till about 10.00.
Lessons learned refer back to day 80.


I need a new dedicated notepad, going to get started on writing all this I’ve got planned. We will start with execution now. Always now!


I have a travel journal I have always taken when we travel. Some of my best thoughts are when take a trip for a few days and relax. What I should start is a daily journal. Actually after B90X that would be a great thing to take the place of posting here everyday. :bulb:


I have a multiple of notepads, sticky notes and things where I right down as much as I remember to. Need to improve execution but this is a long haul. One year is nothing, can’t wait for what form I’ll be in 5, 10 , 15+ years. Always improving and getting better.


Started to do this. Very helpful for ideas and memory, especially good for over 40’s


The action of writing things out has been very helpful. It eliminates the Clutter. It is truly amazing what you consider logical until you put it on paper


I do a lot of writing… well… typing so I will need to work on actually writing on paper instead of typing everything out on the computer.


We keep a farm journal. Everything that gets done, gets written down. It’s great to have for reference. Especially if you’re trying new things. Just say I plant squash earlier than normal and they produce an abundant crop. Next year, I need to know when I planted them. Or if I plant tomatoes, I need to know when I will start harvesting. How many days does it actually take from transplant to harvest? Then I can backtrack and know when I need to plant in order to have tomatoes for the earliest spring market. Writing things down is very important.


Don’t usually write but I am going to do this and see where it takes me. Great vid Peter.

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