#B90X - DAY 87 - Family First - Daily Habit #8



The point of working hard now to change one’s life is so you can enjoy the time you are rewarded back how you choose to spend it. Spending time with my family and friends is my goal. Go on adventures. We must still take a breather and not forget the ones we love whom support us. I watched One Punch Man with my wife this past week even though I have already seen it. I choose to spend time with her even if it’s something small like watching a show I’ve already seen. Falls back on to day 10 of relaxing and taking a break. Although I agree to relax a whole day, timeboxing an amount of time for family is crucial and will make you work harder as you are reminded why you do not want to fail.


Family time is so important. Its the hardest thing to balance when we are all wanting to better our families. I recently took on new employment which requires me to work crazy hours. But when I come home all I have to consider is what time that I have to leave the next day. I do not bring work home with me any more. It actually allows me more true time with my family. :+1:


keep the family close


This needs to be time boxed for me but reason want to succeed for family and crypto nation fam too


Family is always number 1 in my life.
So i’m going to make another daily habit.
That is to spend 30mins a day sorting out the little jobs at home that never seems to get finished. Typical builder!


It’s really hard to time box kids. And I look at all the things I’m doing in the cryptoverse, and I know I’m doing this all for them.
So the very thing I’m working for is the exact thing that’s slowing me down and that’s the Universe I just have to live in.
The extra cool thing is, they see the old man Hustle, and they understand that if they want something they got to hustle themselves, and they do. Though being kids they always need help with their Hustle. Sometimes it feels like a dwindling spiral, but I know it’s quite the opposite.



So my kids came into my room and watch this with me. They started saying I need to be more intentional but their homeschooling doesn’t count, the meal time doesn’t count, scripture reading together doesn’t count, life lessons/lectures with them doesn’t count, cleaning house with them doesn’t count… so I asked them what does count and they told me that I need to have more fun and play more video games with them and that would probably count. I think I need to do a word study with them on what “intentional” means… or just play more video games. :rofl:


Family first! Always and forever!


Work will always be there. Kiddos are only little once.