#B90X - DAY 88 - Phone a Friend - Top Daily Habits #9



Talking with someone who cares about your situation, daily, can be the difference between inaction, and life-changing-action.

We cannot go this road alone.


Great idea, I started doing this recently as I spend 1 hour per day in the car.


My job has me talking to multiple people everyday. While the conversation with my clients is really about me, I do have people in my office (and friends) that I can talk to about it. It would be a good idea for me to start phoning/talking to one or more of these people everyday. The challenging part is that most of these people are clueless about cryptos and when I talk about that I end up having to educate them about it or even “convince” them that it isn’t a scam! These people really want me to succeed, they just don’t understand where I’m at. I do, however have a few friends that are more knowledgeable about cryptos than I am, so I am going to start reaching out to them more often to bounce ideas off of, instead of texting them about BTC mooning!


Doesn’t have to be about crypto. It could be about anything! Life. Desires. Dreams. Etc! Always good to bounce ideas off others!


Good point! Having friends that can talk about different things can keep you diversified in life, I hadn’t thought of that!


I have a few good mates i talk to but not daily. I will try pick this up as i’ve been one man wolf packing for too long!


I’ve mentally checked out for a while so I don’t know who I can connect with.

I feel like the type of people I would want to connect to are more advanced than me, not sure if it is a good idea to reach out to them


Why do you think they are more advanced?
We all have hopes and dreams. You can still call them up. Do it.


Well because they have achieved goals I haven’t, I don’t know if a phone call is too high an ask. I’m not senior in these communities. I’ll put more thought into this, there probably is someone I can get on the phone with


Does it make sense to request to have a quick phone chat with someone you call a friend but don’t know super well? There aren’t always rules to human interaction


No rules! All emergent! Experiment!


So another friend of mine (funny thing is he looks like Peter) agreed to have a quick chat about bitcoin. I don’t get on the phone a lot so I wanted to take on this challenge. We gonna convert him to our cult sooner or later lmao


Good. Do it bigly! Let us know how it goes!


This is an interesting challenge, but I think I can make this work if I include family members in this. Would be interesting to reach out to some of the extended family that I really only talk to or see every few years. I’ve also got a few friends I should definitely talk to more, but not sure about daily, maybe weekly with a few them. Not sure, will have to experiment and find a happy spot that works well.


Some of my best ideas come from these interactions, and so do some of my best corrections. I should make this a daily habit.


Hmm, a hard one for me, seeing as I no longer have any friends, haha. I either just lost contact with people, or they turned out to be crazy socialists who’d prefer to see me dead for disagreeing with them. It was easy fitting in with the crowd when I just kept my opinions to myself, lol.
Now it’s just my wife and I, my brother with his wife and child, and my mother. I’m not that close with my brother, so I wouldn’t really feel comfortable sharing stuff. Maybe I could talk more about this stuff with my wife, but she’s not that knowledgeable about the stuff I do. And also, does that count?

At the end of the day I have just never felt comfortable talking about personal issues with anyone. I went to talk therapy at one point in my life, and we ended up talking about the weather and other pointless things most of the time. Complete waste of time and money.
Maybe I can start connecting more with people in the future now that I’ve finally got some purpose with my life, but I’m just not there right now.


I’ve only done this in a time of need. never just because. I’ll have to try this.


I love the fact that it need not be crypto related stuff… just anything about life desires dreams experiences. Amazing.


You sound like my wife, she’s always reminding me to reach out to certain people and family members during my commutes. I will integrate this habit, but I will not tell my wife that you just confirmed something that she’s been suggesting all along as she will reply, “Oh now that someone ELSE tells you it’s good, now you believe me?!” LoL. If you ever read this my love… you were right. :sweat_smile:


That’s so important. Relationships are the most important thing in our life time.