#B90X - DAY 88 - Phone a Friend - Top Daily Habits #9



I do have people around me that I speak to on a regular basis, not sure if I need to speak to them on a daily basis. I have people around me but unless we are working on a project (like Peter and his brother) I don’t think it fits my personality to speak to a person on the phone everyday. Doesn’t hurt to try.


Teams build dreams yoooo


I don’t really have friends that I would want to role model. I do have several great friends but they’re letting society guide them so I don’t want that around me per say. I’d say my best sources are my brother in law or my wife. I think it’s important as well - cheers :clinking_glasses:


I’m in the dating scene and I tell you, these new age kids don’t like to talk on the phone. They call me old school when I try to call them on the phone. The ladies and I’m sure most men would rather txt.

Life is too short to txt abbreviated sentences. What ever happened to searching for the right words to say?

Anyhow, I phone my friend often to stay in-touch and talk about life. It feels rewards!


If only I had a twin brother… :grin:
Got 2 brothers and 1 sister I usually call to bother, THANK GOD. :smiley::pray:


This is something that I don’t really do only talk to my girl mainly about goals get her involved in my dreams my daughter too once she can talk ect lol


At my work we got interns who don´t know how to conduct a phonecall with an client because all they ever do is txt. I guess there are more ways to socialize than talking :rofl:. Ah that came out wrong hehe…


Never thought of calling someone as a daily habit. Hhumm….? Will have to give it a try. I would classify it as an adaptability skill.

DAY 88 – Crypto prices are down…it’s time for a HODL dance !:dancer::man_dancing::dancing_women::dancing_women::dancing_men::man_dancing::dancer:


Having a conversation with someone close, even jokingly, can spark many creative ideas. This is a very good habit to have because you never know what might become of that convo. You might create the next big thing and it’s all because you had a convo about something you liked,disliked, irritated with, etc. 2 more days! YOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


I have my wife and a couple friends who I call on most days. :+1:


This would be something that would be amazing for me. I feel like certain people would get tired of me calling so much. My list of people to call would be pretty short.


Phone a friend is something I slack on but always tell my girl about all my dreams ect ect. though :slight_smile:


This is an awesome idea, but I’m kind of at a loss. I really don’t have that kind of person in my universe. Well I got my wife, thank God, but it’s not the same as someone on the outside.


My Wife and I speak on the phone daily whilst at work.
Does that count?



This is a very hard one for me. I have invested in relationships that I thought I could call and synergize with about ideas only to either have them take my idea’s and profit from them, leaving me out of the equation or they want me as their sounding board or coach but not really interested in my side leaving the conversation unbalanced and uncomfortable for me. I talk a bit to my kids and my husband however it really isn’t the same as having someone that is synergetic.

I will need to work on this.


There’s two people that I talk to every day. Grandon and the little one. I don’t get out much :joy::joy: But we do discuss plans and ideas.


It’s definitely time to have that kind of friends and I believe I have one.
I mean I have a people around me but that one - real brother from another mother. It’s time! Can’t wait for B’ham.