#B90X - DAY 89 - Attitude of Gratitude - Top Daily Habits #10



Every morning you can choose your attitude to attack the day.
You can be a person of circumstance, reacting to what happens, or you can intentionally remind yourself that your attitude matters. How you deal with life is 100% dependent on you.

Daily, I choose, to be grateful for what I have.

It’s hard. Some days, it’s almost impossible.

Choose for yourself this day, whom you will serve.


I am grateful for Peter and John and the entire bitcoinpub community! I am also grateful for my girlfriend, family and friends, and that I am not stuck in a job that I don’t like or resent. On top of that, I am grateful that my friend Pete introduced me to BTC back when it was $139, and PPT (Populous) when it was $2.50 (note: he also introduced me to ETH when it was under $10, but I didn’t listen…)!


Always humble & greatful for everything around in my world. :raised_hands:t5:


Such a simple thing to do, yet so very important. I am grateful for everyone who has ever helped me be better and become the person I am today! THANK YOU ALL!


Grateful for everything that God has given me, my Uncle to Peter, John and this community.


Thank you guys so much! I’ve been into crypto for maybe 6 months now and wish the pub was my first stop, but I am so thankful to have found this community that has helped me better understand the crypto nation, blockchain, and ultimately myself. You guys rock, keep it up!


I am grateful for my family, my faith and this community. Thank you @peter and @john!


I’m grateful for God! He’s placed so many miracles in front of me that it’s hard not to be grateful for Him.

Captain, I’m also grateful for you! This series has definitely changed who I am as a person, for the better! It’s funny to think how I stumbled upon this series in attempt to learn more about the technical aspects of blockchain; this series has empowered me to really question my own beliefs, values, principles, goals and aspirations. I’ve gotten so much more out of this series than I thought I would. I am a little sad that it’s coming to an end, but heck, I might give it another full run through in the future to reinforce the major :key:strong text.

I am grateful for my bed, for my car, for being able to eat a hot meal every day. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such positive and ambitious friends and family. I’m grateful for my journalism position at a crypto research/consulting firm! I am also grateful that I can feel music very deeply.

I am grateful to be able to participate in this thing we call life.


Familiarity breeds contempt

That quote says it all. So short, yes so powerful and true.
I’m thankful for every day that I have my health and get to spend time with my wife and family. I feel blessed to live in such a peaceful neighborhood where I can go out and sit in the grass with my cat and just unwind. Talking with people online in other places of the world has made me more aware of how good I actually have it. Just because everything isn’t perfect is no reason to not remember all the things that are great in life.


I’m grateful for my family friends of course. I’m very grateful to be on her learning with great ppl. I get to learn from peter who is a great wealth of knowledge. I’m grateful my wife got me into crypto. Hell I’m grateful to be able to work my ass of to earn what i have. Man the list gos on and on. thank you peter for everything you do!!!


The secret to a good blockchain designed and crafted life is GRATITUDE. It’s been an amazing journey. Once you have gratitude your attitude and perspective to life is purposeful.


Thank u Bitcoin Pub family :sunny: I am so grateful to be here. so blessed. I am grateful for my 2 beatiful healthy children, my dog, family, friends, house, the birds singing outside, the trees, the sun and life. This moment :smile:


Attitude of Gratitude keeps you humble, modest and hungry. It’s one that I have failed to have, so this habit has been added! I guess it also keeps you grounded.


I’m grateful for



Grateful for yall too :pray:


I’m grateful for everything that I have and those around me who helped me get to where I am today.I’m also grateful for this community that Peter and John have put together.


Grateful for my family, friends and the crypto nation!


So grateful for not only for my wonderful family but being part of the crypto nation. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge brotha boy you and John, I’m so forever grateful, cheers!!


I’m thankful every morning when I wake up! I also thank my momma for raising me well. My friends for trust me and allowing me to honor their friendship. This site for providing knowledge and resources to become more aware and potentially wealthy in the future!

We going to the MOON very SOON!


I am grateful for everything I have learned and grown through the B90x, not saying I am a 100% changed but there were days that I felt challenged to be better and meditate on topics I would have never thought on my own. Also, grateful for the people that care about me and support me even when I am not being myself and have had the patience to stick with me. Last but not least, grateful for the brotha Peter and John for pouring their blood, sweat, tear and daily dedication to the Pub and crypto nation. 정말 감사합니다!!