#B90X - DAY 89 - Attitude of Gratitude - Top Daily Habits #10



This is a habit I try to do couple of times a day need to be writing it down though.


Grateful to my God and for all His blessings.


Grateful for all the blessings I have received and the many friendships I have made in this community. Looking forward to meeting many of you at the meetup this weekend!


There is so much truth here. You’re attitude is everything. It’s easy to start thinking you’re entitled to things because everything is going good. For me thats when I remind myself of how blessed I am. You’re life can change at any moment.
Attitude = Altitude


Been writing down 10 things I’m thankful for towards the end of the day on the sticky notes around my goals board, going to do at least 90 days. We’ll see how many sticky notes I can fit over there.


Every time have some time to slow down and have a moment to myself I always think about what I am grateful for an why I am so lucky. Living in the best times


I want to say thank you to the Pub. Anyone who has been through the B90X program knows life has changed. Decisions have been made, viewpoints have been altered, habits have been created and destroyed. My universe has changed, and the encouragement that I have been given is something to be truly grateful for

I want to say a special thank you to @peter @kimchi & @CryptoDad. You have all gone above and beyond encouragement and inspiration. And I am extremely glad to be part of the community that you are in.


@MeddlingSheep Thanks to you as well. I could not agree more. This is a great community. I really enjoyed reading all your posts. Seeing the time and thoughtfulness in all your answers really inspired me. I know for me it was life changing. :+1:


The Police.
Especially the amazing female officer who yesterday ordered my lunatic neighbour to take down cctv that was recording my family entering and leaving our home.
I think he might be a pervert or something.
All also i am greateful to the bitcoin pub and all her locals. I hope oneday to meet a few of you over a pint or three.



as well as


Keep it up bro! You’re almost there!


Hope you are good brother!


Attitude is such an important thing. Gratitude & positivity always.


Love this habit. I’m grateful for so many individuals and blessings that I have received. I’m grateful to be able to accomplish this amazing course, even though it took me a little bit longer than 90 days to complete, I am grateful I did it! Thank you @peter and all the crypto nation! :grin: