#b90x - DAY 9 - Personal Relationships



Shared with my GF and she: "Hmm… :thinking: why are you showing me this? " :joy::joy:

I have been thinking about this subject before and is not an easy one. I’m trying to not get influenced by people in a negative way, but that is just really hard sometimes and can take up a lot of energy.
Probably got to do how we evolved as humans in groups when social dynamics were essential for survival. So the more easy way is to at least spend less time with those that are not aligned with my goals or that are too much of a drag. Just talking about it can help too, although with some people I must explain it 10x in which case it’s just better to move on.


I appreciate you saying this. At times I’ve thought; “what am I doing here? These people are so advanced in their knowledge. They’re completely out of my league when it comes to technology or understanding Cryptocurrency.”

When in fact; this is exactly where I MUST be. :grin:


Some great insights from all you lovely people :slight_smile:

Sorry for my lack of presence, two consecutive 15 hour shifts take its toll!

Last night I watched the VIDEO with my girlfriend and it was a very inspiring but eye-opening moment. She knows that she is my mentor in disguise, as much as she says I lead her aspirations, she equally does too.

When we watched the video we could see ourselves reflecting on what the meaning and purpose of it was. We narrowed it down, that we can only really count our friends on one hand, and as upsetting as it can be, it allows for where time is to be spent when socialising and whether it is conducive to our goals, or detrimental to our well-being and overall aim.

I wanted her to watch the video to instil self-confidence and worth, and show her a part of my life, cryptocurrency and the pub, that she may not know a lot about, but is the driving force for me to continue doing this.

Not to mention the daily journals, scrutiny, positive reinforcement and good discussion on how we move forward.



Yooooo! :doge: Thanks for sharing this with us! Such Good Vibes :tada::balloon:


Thank you very much brother


This may sound gutsy, but one of the ways (and reasons) we chose to leave Georgia and moved to California was to basically terminate all toxic relationships my wife and I had, for whatever reason, built up over the years. Most of our immediate family was already living in far-flung places, so it wasn’t family we were leaving so much as it was friends that weren’t progressing on the same spiritual or financial growth paths as we were together as a couple.

And for those of you who know me and know I’m now in Texas, we didn’t move to Texas to disband toxic relationships, but to leave behind overly burdensome state laws that we didn’t agree with. As we both love to travel, the 10% going to state taxes, we felt, would be better channelled into semi-annual vacations – which is about what the difference between 0% Texas state and California’s taxes equates to.



@Hexdek16. Do you think you could help with this question, dear :slight_smile:


Hi Angela,

I just opened an EXODUS account (because good ole Peter taught about it!) and send over my piece of bitcoin. Then I wanted to send another piece from Bittrex and Bittrex wouldn’t let me. Now I have to go back and LEARN why. Then, I saw you showed up in my email and got lost in the “PUB” trying to find YOU and write you a note. Argh! I wish this were easy for me. Now I can see why my hubby was so frustrated/mad/unhappy that I switched from dish tv to direct tv today and he can’t find his favorite programs and stations and user ease. I am getting a taste of (my own) medicine.

You are a clinical hypnotherapist? How very cool! I am reading a book about past life regression for helping children with phobia things. Do you do that? I am a permaculture designer…more or less. I hope you can find me again and drop me a note. love mary


You & I are lost in this together :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve been a therapist for many years. I would love to talk with you one day about it. It’s astounding just how vast our consciousness really is.

Now that my kids are grown & out of the house - I’m able to focus more on my career & hobbies.

I get easily frustrated with technical things - I feel your hubby’s pain.

Please keep in touch


Dont feel bad i have to google 90% percent of johns posts lol. Awesome learning experience!


Thanks :). I’m definitely firing new neurons that’s for sure :smiley:


funny part is i can work on computers swapping hard drives etc but when it comes to programming and OS im lost. We all have our niche :slight_smile:


Absolutely:). We most certainly do


Hi CryptoNation,

I have already shared this video) And the magic is, that a few days ago I have visited psychological training about yourself and your relationships) Yeah, our surround has a huge impact on us, so that why I’m trying to find someone who knows more and have a bigger experience.
Also, about the relationships, why do we can’t make our surround better? It’s hard, but probably we should try. What do you think?

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


I have always felt that everyone has something to offer. It may not be for you at that moment in time or it may be distasteful. But everyone has something. It is for you to discern what is relevant to you at that moment. And the rest is for you to digest another day.


A question for you @peter; What happens when, invariably, negative people and trolls start showing up in the pub? How, as a community, can we work to ensure that either these people change their attitude, or GTFO?


We have wonderful moderators who model good behavior. We self organize.


A great question @Reaper. The way I look at it is trolls are everywhere in life. It is just in the crypto world where they have become such a force. I call them “Dream Stealers and/or Smile Eradicators”. These people are not happy on the inside. They hate to see others happy. Their life dream is to make everyone as unhappy as they are. I love to be super nice to these folks as I know that they want me to be mad :angry: and when I “kill them with kindness”, they typically go away because they realize they can never steal my dreams or my smile. Only you can do that by allowing them to influence your thought process. If you refuse to let your dreams or smile go, the trolls :troll: will simply go away because you won’t give them any satisfaction! #peace and to da mooooon! :rocket::rocket:


This #b90x video impacts me greatly at the moment, i know what i should be doing with one person in particular as its beginning to drag me down greatly yet i can’t seem to let her go.


But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

W.B. Yeats (1865–1939)
"He Wishes For the Cloths of Heaven”