#b90x - DAY 9 - Personal Relationships



But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

W.B. Yeats (1865–1939)
"He Wishes For the Cloths of Heaven”

**This right here i read around 4 times to actually make sense of it…that shit is legit emotion filled & not the good type but thank you, it makes perfect sense.


This past summer my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting a coworker in Sligo, Ireland and she took us to the meadows where Yeats wrote some of his early work. Beautiful small coastal town and one interesting fact…Sligo is one of the places surfers try to get to for some of the region’s best surfing and surfing schools. All I can say is Brrrrrrr. Cold!


The harsher way to put it is how I’ve put it before when I’ve had to fire someone from a company:

“You’re treading on my dreams. These are my dreams. It’s time for you to go, for you are treading on my dreams!”


Keep surrounding yourself with the people doing what you want to do. Become the inspiration for those who follow!


Agree that this is a difficult but important topic, I have four in mind that really stand out as positive influences in my life. I hadn’t been keeping in contact with three of them for a long time but I thought about all of them on day one of the b90x challenge and we are now in contact and I’m helping two of them get involved in crypto.

As I’m living abroad I don’t really have any friends or family that are holding me back, I guess I let go of everyone and everything indiscriminately to change my life. I got very lucky as I met someone who already had financial independence working online and he has been a massively positive influence on me this last year.


Hey Anthony,

This is a tough situation but maybe you can try letting her go temporarily while you think about what you want. It’s very difficult to get perspective on something when you’re in it, try taking a step back, take a holiday, go travel on your own or even go do something on workaway.info - it might give you the perspective and time you need to ensure you are making the right decision (whatever you decide).

Good luck!


Hey @KapitanKris,

Cheers for the kind words & thoughts!
This community is amazing as I did this over a couple months ago and people are still reading it and giving advice- I love it!
I have parted ways with this girl & did take a few weeks off work to reset, rebalance, rebuild & realise which direction I want to be going.
This whole bx90x series, I’ll be forever grateful :100:% from the depth of knowledge @peter provided to the community and their sound advice and kind words.
I know I’m on my own crafted self journey, bring on 2018 - crushing it out since 17 :call_me_hand:t4::v:t4:


I could not agree more about this one. This journey is all about doing the things other people won’t do, and if you are going to want to go the MOON, you will have to change some of the people you are spending your time with.


It seems hardcore. But sometimes it must be done


This is a difficult one but I agree is very necessary. I have had to do this in the past to reach where I am today. I will admit there are times i question if ending some relationships was the right thing to do because I do miss the company of some of these people. Unfortunately as @Peter stated in order to increase your wins you have to increase your losses.


It’s the truth. It’s a matter of statistics. Increase execution. Increase win potential!


9/90 already! A 10th of the way through B90X. Yes, Day 9 is more of a personal objective, but I think it has good intentions, as to speaking up and making your goals known to the ones you surround yourself with. I am pretty independent and as a result take my own path in life, whether or not others are backing me. I like sharing time with good people any chance I get don’t get me wrong, but not being slowed down with my own agenda. So I agree with the message of not letting people hold you back when it’s detrimental to your own well-being or success.


sent it to some close family/friends I know they will benefit from it. I think I could remove some excess baggage from my social medias people spamming my timeline with negative nonsense . All i see is opportunity while some others just seem to see misery, its weird…


Well I don’t really have many people I hang out with right now.

I told one person about crypto, he resisted and then gave in and made some nice gains on stellar.
Now he has told a bunch more people.


this isn't an easy one. bunch of excuses 
 for each person clouding my judgement


Wow, powerful stuff! This really resonated with me.

“Avoid people who are vexatious to the spirit”* is something I have had stuck in my head for many years.

In some groups of people there are toxic personalities who are friendly and engaging on the surface, but are constantly gossiping, manipulating and undermining even to their own close friends.

My daughters use the term “Frenemies”.

It is not always possible avoid such people entirely (sometimes they are family members), so I find it best to be polite but keep them at arms length.

When you hear such people talking down others you can guarantee that they will be doing the same about you behind your back, no matter how nice they are to your face.

  • this is a misquote from the poem Desiderata by Max Ehrmann


Yup. Can’t always get around them. Respect and move on!


Moved to German so i am loner now hahaha. Maybe i am just lazy for new relationship. Love reading more i guess!!! But i shared my begining of crypto with my sis and she is going to join with 500 euro for fun in ICON. Dunno if that count hahaha.^^


Sounds like a winning strategy to me!


This is a great topic. I’m not going to discuss any relationships or persons.
I have something specific in mind and I have been slowly, probably too slowly coming to a decision. This has helped with that decision making process.
Cheers John great advise.