#b90x - DAY 9 - Personal Relationships



Something that I’ll start doing is stop following some YouTubers that don’t give good advice about crypto. At the beginning of my bitcoin journey, I didn’t know better. But know at least I believe, I know the fundamentals to decide who should I follow.


I have removed the negative relationships in my life long ago and have replaced them with the people that do matter. This is a hard quest but well worth it.


It’ll always be a good decision to remove negative people. Period. Good job mate. Let’s get it.


I remember last year in London going to John Lee’s workshop (Co-founder of wealth dragons and self made millionaire from real estate) speaking about people in our lives, who we are surrounded by can be categorized into red lighters or green lighters, the latter being the positive outcome in our life and it really resonated with me.

I definitely believe that we are the result of who we are surrounded by, however as a Personal Trainer in London over the years this has enabled me to meet a massive amount of people and it just shed light on how many great people exist out there that we can learn from no matter what experience or avenue in life it may be.

My brother and I are creating positivity around each other by getting more and more involved into the Crpyto world and just understanding the art behind trading as a whole and the patience and persistence it can teach a person. Immediately shared this video to him as he is the closest person I’ve got to having a positive impact on me as a whole and in regards to Block chain.

I have a feeling down the line the pub will be my second home and a place to grow not just intellectually but also socially in a very exciting and innovative way.

Here’s to the pub :beers:


Sometimes the people you hangout the most are not the ones that make positive changes to your life. Surround youself from people who will make you better. Cheers to the pub.


I’ve been thinking about this… very tough to do, very tough.


My co worker “Barham” got me into crypto. I thank him for that and I will share this with him. I’m trying to get him to join the pub but he won’t, yet… I’ll get him facing the right way.


This is an excellent post, and it is difficult to do.

In my case, I may have the opposite problem - lack of friends. My inner circle of friends, at least in real life is essentially zero (unless you count my roommate who I rarely see but is still good person overall). Online friends, it’s a bit of a different story, I got two people whom I talk with in regards to crypto and other projects. We like to bounce ideas off each other, and one of them has been investing for quite some time.

That’s part of the reasons why I joined The Bitcoin Pub. I really don’t want to doing alone anymore, especially in an industry that I’m not familiar with. Now to tackle the real life friends, not sure how to take change that.

#introvertproblems lol

Darcy C


I’m glad you’re here my man! We appreciate you!


Not the first time I hear this, but it makes you think every time. I can relate to some pub members about hardly having any friends, even less so now. I discarded two friends last year that I’ve known for 15 years. They had remained the same the entire time, but I had encountered new ideas and knowledge and realized that they would never accept my new identity. The kind of people that can’t listen to an opposing opinion without losing their shit. I’d like to get better at debating, but with them that would never be possible. I have zero regrets about this decision, and for every day I just get more and more sure that it was the right thing for me to do.

I also discarded a relatively new friend, the first new friend I had made in over 10 years. He was the kind of phony douche that’s always smiling and being nice when he has something to gain, then instantly turns his back on you when he doesn’t need you anymore. It took a while before he started showing his true self to me, but as soon as he did there was no reason to speak to him again.

Cheers for asking the tough questions, @peter.


This truly is a difficult one to fully grasp. For me, It really helps if you have another individual, whether it be a significant other, a close friend, or somebody online that I can discuss this with. I’ve had to cut off friends in the past and it was incredibly hard, but it was for the greater good. When you see somebody always swimming in negativity, or being pessimistic about every situation, it takes an enormous toll on you.

Keep up the good work guys/gals! Day 10 is coming in HOT!


Judge Judy said this and it stuck in my head, “You hang with garbage, you become garbage.” I share this with my children.


This is one area where I’m happy to say I’ve been cultivating. As I very much have a ‘no s**ts given’ attitude, I truly can’t be bothered to be around anyone who is negative about what I’m trying to achieve in life.

Now I would just like to make meaningful connections with people who are successful in areas that I’d like to be successful in. I just find it a bit intimidating sometimes, haha. Like, they already have so much and so many people competing for their valuable time, why would they want me as well?


This is an important piece of the puzzle. I surround myself with friends that want to grow and learn. I’m lucky to have loyal, trustworthy friends that have integrity. My husband inspires me and encourages me. I am truly blessed.


Glad you finally made it to Texas


Just remember someone who wants the best for you is the best for you


Establishing good personal relationships is by far one of the most challenging things I’ve ever attempted to tackle. It is especially difficult setting boundaries for family members. I still struggle with it some but I got it managed to where I can at least maintain my sanity. I’ve gotten much better at telling people no. I think you get better at it over time. Your own time becomes more valuable. I have a pretty small crowd of people that I associate with. Pretty much friends that are just trying to get ahead like me.


So true. You are what you consume - that includes ideas, attitudes, habits.

This is why in meditative traditions, they say “keep the company of the holy”.

Surround yourself with the success you want


What helped you best with setting boundaries with the family? I am in the process of establishing some and am just looking for some ideas.


I had to learn to say no. Sometimes you just have to work through the grief and guilt you might feel. It’s one thing to be there to support family but you can’t give family a free pass if they’re bringing you down. You have to do what’s best for yourself.