#b90x - DAY 9 - Personal Relationships



This is excellent Peter!

I have made those decisions in this last few months to remove or not let TOXIC people influence my life. The PUB is my Social Crypto Family, I also have a Stock Market Family! It is unfortunate that my friends and family don’t necessarily share my goals or understand them for that matter, but I accept it, but I won’t allow it to dictate my decisions in life because I am the one who has to live with the consequences, not them.

99% of my coworkers are negative, judgmental, and afraid of taking chances that they go to an extent to bring you down as well. I realize that even though I have to spend 12hrs (workday) with them, they don’t pay my bills, so why should they control/influence my life.


Most of my human interactions currently are with humans under the age of 5. So collectively I am a teenager again…

all jokes aside. I am about the only person that I know investing any sort of money into anything. The only person I know dealing with the crypto space. My fiancée’s support is mostly jokes about my monopoly money( my goal is to make her eat her words) So I am on an island when it comes to these things. My only thought on the subject would be to see if there is a blockchain/crypto group at one of the nearby colleges so I could have some human interactions with people with similar interests.


family, family family !


well this one I started 6 month ago. one friend sold me a motor that was bad when i started it up. found out it was dropped and damaged. when i asked about it he got all defensive and did’t even help to pull it out or nothing. $2000.00 on a garbage engine from a friend. hes gone now.
another one i had to cut was my business partner. found he was stealing from the company to the point that we had bills pilling up. now on my own I’m doing better.

then the 3rd one stole tom products for sale at my house. it wasn’t much but the principle of that he stole it out of my house.

I have lost so much money from ppl thinking of only them selves. Now moving forward I see the ones that care and the ones that don’t. from here on i will make better chooses on the ppl i chose to be around.

I’ve been getting advice from ppl that have been there and done that like the dogelord and others. the ppl i look up to are the ones i listen to and then i twist it into my flavor in the end.


The past is past. Time to grow! Let’s get it!


Thank you for your work, I am very happy to have met you :hugs:




This is not hard at all for me. For the past 4 years I have been in a slightly toxic relationship, but it has been worth it, I’d go back to 2014 just to relive the entire trip (And to invest in crypto :P) We loved each other, and we still do. We are boyfriend and girlfriend, but we are also best friends, I am her father, she is my mother. We will be forever in love, in this world or the next, in these bodies or in the next ones. Although I have to say that we both have held each other back and have distracted each other from real opportunities with little fights and judgments.

While nowadays, after a year of being “a prisoner” at home. My parents have convinced themselves that they own me, I don’t really have goals, or objectives, I don’t want much. I just want to be in a peaceful environment and have their approval for the most useless little actions of each day. It’s been a year since they sent me to the police station for 13 hours, and I have tried to be the best son they could have for this year…but it’s not going to last long. I just need some financial security, I will grow my balls back again and start to take my own steps in life. I am 23 and I already feel old in this toxic environment of 6hours of manual work with my 72year old father (we make pasta) and 11 more hours in front of my PC just browsing youtube, facebook, watching films. I have taken 8kg this year and I feel ugly and unhealthy. I wish I could delete those first weeks of psychological violence, judgment, attacking eyes and emotions…I just want to move on. I want to keep up with my life, improve myself, get rewarded for the work I do and not just financially and be able to say again after so much time: I AM FUCKING FREE AND I WILL LIVE MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!


I don’t enjoy being around people who are toxic or demonstrate the destructive behavior, and sometimes it is hard because family members can fall into this group. Five years ago when I first came back after 11 years in the army, I had to get away from some family members who just never grew up. I found myself drinking more than I should and losing focus on what was essential. It did take some time. However, I managed to break away from the toxic relationships.


Amazing how everything is falling inline with all these steps!

The previous step sets this one up perfectly! Reading this book: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28257707-the-subtle-art-of-not-giving-a-f-ck

I have to say that it has opened my eyes. Mentally, I thought I wasn’t prepared for a relationship with a person, but reflecting on the current situation and moment, I think it is necessary!

Keeping a small inner circle of friends that share the same goals, ideas, philosophy and other interests will make going to the MOON even easier!


I have the same problem.
I’m a millenial living in Europe (so that makes me 5 and a half years old…) :doge:

Money is a very touchy topic where I live, people don’t talk about finances and are used to social security benefits provided by the state (retirement/ health care etc.). I believe those benefits can be no longer upheld in the future, due to migration economic development etc… Many begin to recognize this, but are still unwilling to engage with financial topics, let alone cryptocurrencies.
The discussions that I got into about that got toxic very quick.

I also live on an island at the moment, that’s why I love places like the pub :beers:

Regarding toxic people/ relationships:

Not surrounding yourself with obviously toxic people is a start, but what if you can’t avoid them because they are friends or family?

Humans live trough stories, these stories follow patterns that can be observed and then be condensed into archetypal stories and represented in movies, literature, art etc. That helps categorizing peoples actions a bit.

First, figure out what your own story is, what you act out, because it might be a tragedy.
Then look at the story of the people around you, and (literally) what part you play that helps to unfold this story.
Decide if this part is worth playing, if not change your role, sometimes that also means letting people go, not only for your own benefit but also for theirs.


Bóg, 90X fiancée, family first, friends, a lot to meditate…


I’ve listened to this one a few times and have taken a while to reply to it.

I wont go into specifics and don’t really have any intentions of cutting people out of my life, but can see how someones opinion of you can affect your thought processes and opinion of yourself. Could say its something i’ve been tackling my entire life but yeah, i get it now. You are what your make of yourself and noone else can decide that. Its refreshing to be able to see through the bull****


Many of my family and friends do not share the same goals as I do, nor do they choose to live the way I want to live. It is very hard to maintain relationships like this, and I have moved on from many. I love them from a distance and seek to inspire through action and achievement (which is hard for them to understand) and spend my time creating a life which will benefit myself, my family, and hopefully a wide circle. I actively seek inspiring people who I can consider as mentors, and thanks to the internet I am able to find people who I want to learn from.


Fantastic my dude! Congrats on having the strength to move on :rocket:


So very true, people naturally adapt to their environment. Keep up the good work guys! :wink:


Unfortunately, none of my close friends truly understand that I’m working to change my financial health. Pretty much all of them are content with their barley middle class jobs and I always want to spend the weekends going bar hopping. Each of them kind of swerved on me when I tried to discuss blockchain with them. My husband says he’s supportive, but even he appears to not truly understand why I’m always studying, reading, and paper trading. To be honest, I feel like I’m on this road alone. I won’t quit on this, but it definitely gets rough sometimes, especially with very few folks to talk to.


Will meditate on it throughout the day. Hope everybody is having an awesome day!


I am slowly getting my wife to believe in a future made from crypto she is starting to get involved & to understand that the nice bank manager is smiling for a reason because he see’s us as his paycheck no more than that.


Why I love the pub and the discord chat a lot of positive successful people here in the crypto nation.