#b90x - DAY 9 - Personal Relationships



Same here my friend. Family and crypto family!


Everyday im still exited about cryoto currency and the future many of my friends have faded away and lost interest and have even distanced themselves from me cause im like that weirdo guy who will still be riding on a hover board down the street when its already out of fashion and uncool…

Its help me see clearly who my true friends and family are that will sill support what im still exited about


Im reposting my original post. It’s true then, it’s true now/

There are people who live in fear, and your success will scare them. They need to put you down so that they feel safe. If you can identify this person for who they truly are, it is very wise to keep a long distance between the two of you.

There are other people who are energy vampires.
We’ve all run in to them before. Everything they do just sucks the energy right out of you. Again when you identify this type of person it is wise to keep a safe distance.

Unfortunately when these people are close family members it makes keeping a distance nearly impossible without creating horrible upset in everybody’s lives.

When you find someone like @peter who is truly enthusiastic about the subject matter of success and winning in life, and has a way of actually doing it, you have to grab onto that person and keep them close to you.
It’s better when you can have that person in a face-to-face situation, that way you could feed off of each other better
Unfortunately sometimes you’re the only one that is like that and other people look to you. You just might be surprised at who admires you and esteems to be like you, but the same time if they’re pulling you down, you got to figure out how to either handle that person or separate from them. No question.

There’s an interesting story about Halloween candy and poisoning kids. From what research I’ve been able to find no child has been poisoned or hurt with Halloween candy unless a family member or close friend is involved. So fair warning family can be your worst enemy, though they don’t look like they are. But then again sometimes family is the best thing you can get.

Choose Wisely. Some people don’t like a hustler, but the universe rewards a hustler

Also, thanks @kimchi for all the excellent feedback.


What do I do William? @MeddlingSheep

I just really love reading your post. Your authentic style.
Also how not to like a guitar player if I played drums in the past :notes:


Just the fact that you post little things like that keep it going for me. I want to get really got at this game and the little pushes and encouragement help.


This is where The Bitcoin Pub ( i’m sure by design ) is connecting so many different people from all over the world who are of a like mind in many many different ways. Friendships are forming, future business partners are starting to shape and mold. Some may not recognize it yet , but the personal relationships developing here are going to keep each other moving in the positive direction they are facing.


Thank you. Means world to me!


Yes @CryptoDad I can see that and it’s so awesome!


I recognize what you say to be true. I don’t know how it is all going to unfold, but I expect it is going to be unbelievable.


I promised to post daily as I went through b90x again.

Not much has changed on my personal connections except for becoming a patron and joining the discord. I have learned greatly from the people there.

Shout out to the community here. I hope to be on the moon with you somehow some way.


Great posts @CryptoDad and @MeddlingSheep. I agree that the enthusiasm, honesty and energy of Peter is infectious and I’m so glad to find The Pub and find so many like minded positive people. Unfortunately I don’t know many people directly that have the time or interest to get involved in Crypto or the Pub… But I’m working on it, sewing the seeds about it. One of my goals is to get someone I know to join and become part of the community. My brother is probably my first choice, although he can be an “energy vampire” and a bit of a troll, so I’m cautious.


So my girlfriend actually was in the room when I listened to this the first time around and man did I get one of them looks. I’m definitely stretched thin relationship wise with certain family members and friends and I have taken some steps to insulate myself from their drag. Even those that support what I’m doing don’t quite get it :100:, except my girl. I definitely spend more time with her and the Pub family than anyone else and being immersed here has helped me tremendously as I work to move forward and forge my path.


Lots to think on - video shared


Meddling Sheep actually about this video when he first watched it and knows that I often get sucked in by energy vampires. I believe it is because I’m Empathetic. I have a few people that I have that hold me down, but I can’t get rid of them as of yet, so I’m learning to control them so I don’t feel the affect. Hope this make sense. Can’t wait for the next video!


This is an area that has mixed emotions for me. There are family members that I love but I’ve had to learn to love them from a distance. When starting a new association I now do the “deer in headlights” test. If in our conversation, they start to glaze over instead of having the glimmer of understanding of building wealth and taking personal responsibility, I remain polite however I don’t engage them further.

I have also come to the realization that it’s not just physical individuals that I need to watch who I surround myself with but also virtual. Virtual meaning the individuals in my entertainment. It’s been an interesting lesson for me but the individuals that I watch (movies, TV or youtube) or listen to (audio books, podcast or music) really do have an impact on my thinking and attitude. I have found that my mind doesn’t really differentiate from actually talking to the individual in person or just watching them, it processes the conversation all the same.

I haven’t had a response back from those I’ve shared this video with however I can pretty much guess those who are going to say “yeah this makes sense” and will do something verses the ones that will brush it off. I guess this could be a good litmus test to see if I want them more or less in my life. :thinking:


It’s your life. No one else’s. Choose wisely.


Thank you @peter! It is sometimes hard for me to see that it is my life and that I’m not here just for someone else’s life. Hopefully as my associations grow with smarter individuals, I will gain the strength and fortitude to choose wisely. :grinning:


My family and friends are not intrested when I try to talk about crypto, so I don’t talk about it. I just go on by myself learning and investing I hope it will payoff someday.


It will bro, your not alone,


Connecting with like-minded people has been challenging for me past few years, as mostly all people within my circle are the ones who feel sceptical about crypto (Well, being honest with you I was too at the beginning but the bottom line was I did not try to learn about it). Also, they would be complaining a lot about current unfair system, but they are not willing to change anything or make actions. So grateful, my brother-in-law has recommended me Decentralized TV channel through which I made my way to bitcoin pub where I can relate to many opinions.

Also, I’d like to point out R.W.Emerson’s quote that resonates with me every time my opinions are against mainstream society - “Trying to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”.