#B90X - DAY 90 - Commencement - Let's Begin



The end of anything means very little.
You still have to show up to work tomorrow.
So do I.

However, timeboxing projects like the B90X project is wonderful.
It allows you to create a definitive start and end time to a period that you can measure.

So, how have you changed in the last 90 days?
What has the B90X program helped you do?

Maybe you didn’t change… who knows?

All I know is that constant investing in ONESELF over time can create tremendous change in ones life.
It takes dedication, perseverance, and grit to do it.

Here’s to the next 90 days. May our lives all change for the better!

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I was getting sick and tired of the introduction too. Always skipped it haha :slight_smile:
It really was worth it. Thank you. (I will go back and rewatch some videos and make sure did not miss any).
And once again - thank you so much.
B90X helped me to stay focus and learn new materials.
And most importantly. I learnt to invest in myself.
Those BTC gains.


GG Peter on the 90 Day challenge. Learned a lot. Thanks.


I’m still here) Still holding)
To be honest I recommend this course everyone who is interested in crypto)
Thank you @peter for helping me become better and to life crypto lifestyle)


I already brought a few family members on the ship. I’m not sure how I feel about talking about crypto on facebook as

  1. it is slightly technical/mathematical and I don’t like presenting myself that way to the public
  2. i’m not that active a poster on facebook in the first place
    any advice here?

My trades were generally successful during the last 90 days. Though crypto is profitable the problem is, this is a long term project that ends with us at the cosmological horizon, not the moon. We are already on the moon. In all of economics, I don’t think this experiment has been performed ever before, so this is uncharted territory. Bitcoin is a deflationary currency that will act as a counterweight against inflationary currencies (fiat and any possible inflationary crypto). Unless you count the free market for gold, maybe.

Anyway point is, I need to focus more on increasing my fiat position because I can’t withdraw much of my crypto until we reach that horizon.

I’ve been googling the songs that play in the back of my mind, and they’re hilariously 90’s. Everyone get on the cyrpto choo choo train

edit: I’ve actually never seen this video before. It’s actually kind of hilarious they are in a space ship


What a ride. Congrats to everyone who’s finished strong! It was long… but worth it…! Excited about the next season!


Great program, loved it @peter and @john! Thank you so much for your time and dedication and inspiration! And thanks to my fellow pubsters, I’ve enjoyed the interaction! I’ve learned a ton. Now I’m ready to figure out how to generate more fiat to buy more BTC and I’m interested in how to diversify a little bit maybe in order to get more BTC in the end. I’m halfway to my ticket and thinking about every angle possible to get that full ticket. This has been a great program to get started in crypto! Thank you!


This was such a great series! I’ve already been telling everybody I know about this and will continue to do so. The price of bitcoin has changed a lot since Day 1 of #b90x, just like me! I had LOTS of realizations and epiphanies while watching and more importantly, commenting after the videos. Once I started writing it would unlock new ideas. Thanks for producing these videos, they have made a big difference for me! TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!


It was a life changer education. thank you a lot Peter and all who contributed it.


Thank you Peter! I do appreciate very much what you have done with the thebitcoin.pub, B90X and all the other info’s and insights you share!


Oh, we only getting started here. This is just the beginning!


I’m strapped in! BTW… I got used to the intro of B90X and liked it…


Thanks Peter for grinding through this for us, it’s awesome! Now that I am done with B90x i am gonna do it again!
Crypto lifestyle is awesome, time to get more people on it~



Thank you @peter
This series couldn’t have worked out any better with timing of personal events. Will always be thankful.
I’ve already started the word out of the crypto lifestyle…slowly but surely I am making positive inbounds with others!
Cheers again @peter :raised_hands:t5::slight_smile:


Hey @peter, I can not believe that the commencement video was brought out today and Bitcoin hits $10K…this cannot be coincidence!!! WOW congratulations and Thank you for the series…


Thanks so much for putting on this series, all of the teaching, coaching, and counseling that you have provided here. Thank you so much, to you, John, your family, Chris, your company, and everyone who is part of this community for making this possible. I learned, unlearned, and relearned several great concepts, tools, and philosophies. So much growth has happened over the last 90 days, it is astounding. I have sort of been in a state of culture shock this last week returning to the U.S. and considering all of the change that has happened in the last three months. The technology is life changing, and we are very fortunate to have these protocols, tools, and communities for continuing growth on a global scale and onward. Thank you all for your vision, determination, hard work, and leadership.


Thank you for being here… it’s an honor to serve you all!


Thank you @peter, @john and everyone else who has engaged with me on this program. One of the very best 90 days I have invested in any activity. Lessons for life and a program I tell everyone about. This community is great and I love how people freely provide their insights, emotions and well wishes. Why can’t the “world” get it? It is so easy. Help others and others will help you! Amazing job folks!

To Da Moon :rocket: :rocket:


Glad you completed it all! What an excellent journey!


congrats on making it through my friend!