#B90X - DAY 90 - Commencement - Let's Begin



The Pub feels like a home!


It’s home for me! I’m always in!


It’s always very special to see someone being very passionate about what he’s doing… It gets the forgotten gray cells shifting in higher gear. Tnx for that.

Being around for about 6 decades a lot is known territory of sorts. Then again, i forgot some of my hard learned lessons … Tnx for reminding me and adding some new perspectives.

I especially enjoyed the TA part. This was new. So tnx for adding something new to my gray cells. Then again, i expect to have to come back multiple times to remind me… :sunglasses:


I made it through all 90 !! These are really good. Lots of wisdom here. Peter, you are a true counselor and teacher.


Glad you made it through! It’s only just begun!


Done, but only round 1! Time to Repeat as you say. Will restart Day 1 in the morning, to pick up things I missed at first. This is really good and straight forward. I’ve got my son using it too.


Wow! Wonderful!
Spread the b90x love to your friends and colleagues!


WOOOOOO FINISH! Thanks peter for making all these video. Really appreciate it. Since the downtrend of bitcoin I spent these time learning this cryptocurrency market is all about and try to better understanding on it. I am still hodling through this storm of red LOL.


Well i finally made it. O.O Im so glad i will never have to see that B90X intro ever again. T.T

I wanna say ty to Peter and all the cryptonauts here for helping and making this guide for a healthy blockchain style life. I really needed this and as a cryptonaut recruit i will do my best to spread the word and make sure i get a seat in the shuttle.


Thanks Peter for making this, so many great life lessons.
I actually saw this b90x episode on my youtube feed around the time that you posted it but only started day 1 on the 17 Dec, when Bitcoin was peaking near $20k… I brought a lot of people onboard around that time when the hype was big, feel a little guilty. I reckon it’ll recover by the end of the year so just HODLing through this bearish period (missed my opportunity to sell high and buy back in low).

I handed in my notice at work and going to try to work on my own businesses and crypto full time. Will post a link to the website I’m building with a friend once it is up and running.
I made notes as I went through b90x and will probably revisit some of the more powerful days. Thanks again Peter, you provide tonnes of value - keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome my friend! The journey has really just begun!


Wow, I guess I used bitcoin time and finished B90X in 53 days… Thank you Peter this is truly awe inspiring with what you have shared and I will share it with anyone I know interested in Crypto/Blockchains.

While I may have lost much of my crypto portfolio during this time, the knowledge I have gained will make up for it in the near future and beyond.

I think I will periodically visit my alma mater to refresh my courses, learn new things from comments, and re-align my crypto life. First things first Doji here I come again XD…


Thank you @peter and @john for an amazing 90 days. Now it’s time to continue to show up and work! This has been an incredible and inspiring program, and now it is time to spread the word.

Thanks to the community for all the support and interactions! What a fantastic group of people. See you all on the way to the moon. Stay strong!

My Mission Statement: Rocking financial independence by understanding, dissecting and leveraging new technologies and bringing as many people as I can along for the ride.



Quite a beginning. ICX is finally starting to recover but there’s a long road until my goal.
Thanks for the helping hand. See you “on da moon” :sunglasses:


Just finished B90x, am going to need to reflect and start another 90 day challenge.

Thanks again Peter for putting all of this together! #tothemoon


Haha, I’ve actually enjoyed the silly intro, it became like a daily ritual. :sweat_smile:
Thank you very much for putting in the enormous amount of work that must’ve gone into creating this entire video series. It has changed my life a lot, for the better.
Due to how the series is structured there’s a very low barrier to entry, so even people who are not interested in the technical analysis have so much to gain from this, and it requires such a tiny investment on their part, ~5-10 min of their time every day.
I will spread this to as many people as I can and can only hope that they have the will to improve their own lives.


good god i’m telling everyone about this. I’m sure everyone is sick of me talking about bitcoin by now lol. I tell them about decentralized tv and bitcoin pub. I got my wife on here as a start lol. everyone needs a blockchain life to live by. and I tell them all to start here. so come all come all step right up. get your tickets to the big show. all can go for the ride no one left behind. one way trips to the moon and enjoy the show.


Only those serious about self improvement may enter :wink:


most certainly. help those who try to better there selves. I see who is ready for this in there life around me. they are the ones I want with me to the moon. but I tell every one about crypto no mater what. and tell them it has positively influenced me. also show them what I’ve done to better my self because of the crypto community. with @peter helping me and others like him thank you. and I will try to do the same for others that really want to change and better there selves. this is how a community grows stronger when we are all on the same page facing the same direction we do great things!!!


Thank you so much for the building the program @peter @john. I knew when I found this channel on YouTube you had a good character. A millionaire giving out the secrets for free without trying to sell a product of how to get rich ect. Definitely hard working and really about helping the general public learn about crypto. It’s an honor to be apart of the community y’all built.