#B90X - DAY 90 - Commencement - Let's Begin



Appreciate you man. And people like you.
It’s only the few that will last… we understand many will fall!


Amazing. Lets do this.


Thank you for finishing! To the moon now!


Fantastic program Peter & John. The past 90 days have been practical reminders of great old habits and phenomenal new ones. My way of paying forward is by translating your B90X and John’s (10Days…) into Spanish for all our hermanos and hermanas out there. Method I’m using is YouTube’s feature of adding Closed Captioning (CC) onto your videos. Once I have completed this project I will reach out to you and synch the next phase I am designing for myself and the cryptocommunity at large!


B90X program is the best challenge I took so far in 2018. There was moments and lessons extremely difficult, but because of them I’ve learn so many new things.

I’m grateful for you Sir for putting those things together. You’ the Man Peter.

Also big props for my new friends who gone through this journey with me together.

@delirium_igniter @Nynjah @Dustin_Matthews


Wow, b90x mission completed…
I was interesting going through the program during this bear market; the discipline b90x has to offer sure made it easy to stay in the game and gain knowledge instead of unnecessary panic.

Thank you to @peter and @john for the program and community you have brought together, your hard work is appreciated. @kimchi @Dustin_Matthews @Nynjah It was great taking on this journey with you guys, it has been fun going beyond the daily post and keeping each other accountable.

B90X is only the beginning, and I will make sure to continue to build upon many of the lessons learned. Live long and prosper my friends! :vulcan_salute:


Outstanding series and I’m paying it forward sharing with my stepson who I think will enjoy the program just as much as I did. Thank you again to the Saddington Families and @kimchi, @delirium_igniter, @Nynjah for embarking this journey together! Cheers to the beginning of something special and having the tools to make it happen!! See you in the pub :wink:


Stay the course!
It’s only just begun!


And now- the looong HODL!
It’s been a pleasure getting to know and going through this experience with @delirium_igniter @kimchi & @Dustin_Matthews , I respect your grind good sirs!
Thanks for creating B90X Petah and John!
I have shared this program with my cousin and one of my friends - this message certainly won’t stop here.
My heart is filled with gratitude for the lessons learned and the friends gained!
Here’s to the next 90 days :beers:


Day 90 baby. Great information. No regrets. Let’s get started. Next destination: MOON. :rocket::waxing_gibbous_moon:


I feel accomplished after going through the whole program! Learning, crying, laughing and sharing the lessons throughout the journey! You did a great did and you will be rewarded, as will we!

Thank you everyone for a great ride and we need to implement into our brains all the lessons. Don’t ever forget your goals, who you are and the good people that surround you.

The moon is actually gonna come to us this time around!


It’s kinda bitter-sweet but I am glad I finished this short journey. Especially because of the intro lol
B90x was a great way to get introduced to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency but in my opinion, it was more focused on the person to get them to a deeper level of self-knowlege and challenging oneself towards stepping out of the personal bubble we most live inside.

Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to the brothas and everybody else who took the time to read my rants and shared their own personal stories, ideas and rants as well. I was happy to know that there are crazy people and people that think like me out there besides me and it was truly an honor to have shared the battlefield for this short campaign with ya’ll.

Looking forward to continuing this journey and keep living it with everyone in the crypto nation.
To the Moon and beyond! :bitrocket:


Now it’s time to share with others you know.
Start them with 10daysofbitcoin.com and then B90X!


How time flies it is July 20th 2018 Bitcoin is at $7387.51. Now the long hodl. Thank you again @peter and @john for all your hard work and dedication for the new crypto revolution. A lot of winners will be created the community you guys created.


Great job @peter and @john on putting together an excellent series! It’s almost a year later and some of us are just now finding you. I’ve been in crypto since January and only found you in May. I’m now buying and HODLing about 30 coins on 4 exchanges and I’m even mining with 17 cards. So thanks for teaching everyone the basics and the advanced topics on how to land on the :mooning: in the coming year(s). Keep up the great work with yen.io and cryptoyum.com!


Sounds like time for you to join patreon.com/pub


This course has broadened my horizon and I met many new friends for the spaceship ride to ‘da moon.

Thanks Peter for putting this program together and laying yourself bare in so many areas… sharing your dreams, desires, and thoughts. It takes a great amount of self-esteem, self-confidence and time to do that for us. Thank you!

DAY 90 – End of course…time for a CryptoNation dance party!


Awesome ending to one chapter and beginning of another! I talked with my friend Michael today for about an hour and a half about cryptos, yen and the financial system and how it works. His mind switched on a light and jaw dropped and he was wanting to know more. He will be at work tomorrow so he wanted all the info so he could learn. Going to keep on top of it to make sure he finds his way.

I wanted to thank you @peter and @john for all your hard work and dedication to this space and everything you have provided to us. Looking forward to growing with this family you have created!


Stay the course my friend! We’re doing it bigly!


Thank you Peter for putting out the B90x videos. The thing that stuck with me the most is " The Direction your facing is where you will go" It I think of that almost every day, I am the author of my story. Everything that is happening right now most of it was by choices I made. And I want to make the right ones to move up and forward. Feels bad man and good at the same time…