B90X graduates and success stories



Having completed the B90X program my life has changed beyond measure. I have created many healthy habits. I have gained control of my time. I have a very disciplined life with purpose now. Anyone who has completed the program as well as those who are currently working on it, let’s discuss our success and also ideas on what we still need to improve on. Just because B90x has been completed doesn’t mean we’re finished on this journey :muscle:


Would it be possible to outline some of the specifics?
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I originally ran through B90X when @peter first did it. I picked up on some things here and there. But I didn’t REALLY take the time to do it like I should have. We were at the beginning of this bear market which everyone thought was still a bull market :rofl:
Then I joined a group on Discord and gave it the full attention that it deserves.
So yeah for some details - I’ve never been one to sound overly brash, but here is a list of my weekly routine and some life improvements.

*Meal Prep
*Exercise 3x per wk
*DCA after exercise
*Timebox daily Schedule
*Read daily from an actual book. Not short form.
*Developed a detailed budget
*Minimized many unnecessary things/Eliminated waste
*Working towards my goal of being debt free
*I haven’t weighed but I’ve probably lost 50-60lbs since Jan.
*Started a new job which was completely out of my comfort zone.
*Make time to retrospect. This is way more powerful than I thought it would be.

These things have made my life so much simpler and my mind much clearer.

No matter how old you become, you will never forget those who you go through b90x with. So find a group and get started! Special thanks to @GrammatonCleric @MeddlingSheep @rnwCorgi @powerofknowledge @Trilamanila and @jim85


Hell yeah @CryptoDad maybe when I come to a slowing point in my life I’ll do it a third time. It’s one of those lessons you keep learning from as you see where you were, how it changed you, to where you are now, and how it changes you. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Congrats again!


It’s been about 3 weeks since finishing the B90X program, and I wanted to write a success story right away, but I wanted to have a real success first.

The change of viewpoint, the change in Attitude, the intention to succeed, are all boosted by the B90X program. But I only considered these to be an increase in potential. Which is good, but it’s not success.

Anyone who’s read my posts knows that I’m very interested in being a traitor, not a crypto currency Trader, but someone who buys and sells items to make money. I go to auctions, find stuff, sell it online or other ways and make some money. I’ve been doing this for years to some extent but never to the level that it really could get to.

Now I’ve upped my game. I had to make a big change though. The old cliche about needing money to make money is so true. But when you ain’t got no money you can’t make no money. At least not legally. So I went through my house and found pretty much anything that was worth money that doesn’t get used anymore and sold it. Some items had emotional attachment. Others didn’t. This included some pieces of Art, and almost my entire musical instrument collection. It was sad to see the guitars go, but I haven’t been able to play for over a year now do to a body condition. It just hurts too much. I’m down to two guitars now. My first guitar, and a guitar that my father made me.

The issues I was having when going to an auction was the space in my vehicle to bring the stuff home. I needed a big truck. So I’ve been buying and selling and saving my money. I got some Bitcoin on the way, but I still haven’t got that full ticket to the Moon yet. I needed to get a pickup truck. And that was my intention. What I got was so much more.

I went to an auction 10 days ago which turned out to be a horrible auction that I didn’t buy anything. But on the way home I saw this truck on the side of the road for sale. It was an old Chevy with a flatbed. It was bigger than anything I was expecting to look at.

I scraped all my money together and then got a gift from an aunt which still loved me. I got the truck.
Today I won an online storage auction. Kinda like that Storage Wars TV show, but it was all online. Tomorrow I go and pick everything up.From what I could see in the pictures online I already know I’ll make more than I paid for their storage unit.

I went completely outside of my comfort zone. This whole new adventure, I’m doing it scared. But I don’t care, I’m doing it. My life is changing. And thanks to B90X it’s changing in the way that I wanted to change. I’m not just a flag flapping in the Wind.

The speed at which I’m going to get that Bitcoin has totally changed.

The people at the Bitcoin.Pub have truly been inspirational. The encouragement of @CryptoDad, @kimchi, and so many others has truly helped.

@peter, you have done something truly special here, and the fact that you make it free is incredible. My life has been truly changed.

To the moon!!!


That is so freaking awesome :+1: I had a truck similar to that one years ago. You can haul anything under the sun in it. I knew you were going to be in this thread sooner rather than later. Congrats man :beer:


Yo William, I’ve read this, being so much excited and happy for you. Thank so much for being inspiration and my friend.
To the moon!


Wow, congratulations!!!
I’m sure this will inspire others to take on the challenge.