BBGC at the first look

BBGC is the game platform that aim to resolve problems from development and marketings. Much of the games are independent from the traditional business model but BBGC found the solutions to resolve them for every developers. Its an interesting idea that there is no mining involves but rather taking the reward levels on contributions on game developments. It what we call it proof-of-game POG. This is the new idea evolved from the previous traditional bitcoin thinking. It is rather being rewarded on the higher level developments.

Telegram: @bigbang_Global
This platform is on early stage and it is not fully developed yet. But the fans can go in and take the first look. BuY the coins bedore too late. I got info that the official team is working on the V3.0 which is much better than the current version. Get BBGC from Fcoin and Hotbit and search for BBGC symbols. They are also listed on coinmarketcap with the standard references.

V2.0 Operation guide.
Enter the app and choose language and then english.

Registration referral code is 139092.

Choosing any team to join will be fair to start.

Tap on My Asset


Transfer the token from your token wallet (previously purchased from the exchange) to the app wallet.

Wait for 20 mins (currently is slow in the Ethereum network)

Until the token is confirmed by the transfer then tap “global partners”

Tap “upgrading partners” and get as much as level 5 as you will.

Next step - tap “my direct inviter” to check all our referrals

Next, inviting others to join with your own invitation code. Go to the main menu and tap “Invitation Promotion” . You will see the QR code shown on the screen. Simply make a screen capture and save in your phone then send it to others.

Your daily business will then begun…

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