BCC more profitable that BTC for mining?

Watching some videos, I found someone talking about BCC is more profitable that BTC for mining on this days.

So, as a BTC miner I take a look, and I found with 30 th/s the follows profits (estimated per day) :

BCC: $55.07
BTC: $36.77
Note: Minus the cost of electricity.

I look a solid price on BCC, so, i want to know what is your opinion about.

Pd: I dont trust in BCC, but i can mine it and turn my profit into BTC.

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I like that miners can go between chains, but mining profitability is starting to feel like the day labor of crypto. you mine on one chain for the day, and the next day you go to the other as it can give you an extra $1.
Competition is great in that regard, but I would like to see more stability in both chains.

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BCC is more profitable right now. and like you said it doesnt matter what you mine as long is the coin is high volume (BCC is) where you can just sell it for BTC once you mine it.

the real concern with BTC/BCC mining is the electricity or the payouts its the investnment. you cant mine those with GPU’s, you need ASIC miners… and 30 TH/s isnt something your going to achieve with just one asik miner.

Highest has on the market right now is Antminer S9 which is 14 TH/s. they are sold out and the first batch drops in sept, then oc and nov batches.

the september batches are going for $8000-$12000 on secondary markets. the october and november batches going for $3000-6000

the first batch will give you a really high ROI and the second batch who knows what the difficulty/profits per month will be by then.

I think ASIC mining litecoin or Dash is probaby more likely to yield your ROI… but same issue there… sourcing the asic miners before the difficutty goes up.

But for profits… the dash miner gets about 4X the profits the bitcoin S9 miner gets

also… with ASIC miners, you can only mine 1 algorithm so once the difficulty is too high and its not profitable you are left with a doorstop.

with GPU mining, you can mine any algorithm and once its not profitable you can sell the GPU to gamers

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Maybe I did not express myself very well. I got 3 antminer S9, A mining rig 4xRX580 and 2xRX570, and waiting for the Antminer D3 in nov.

I know what to expect for Antminer S9, because i got 3 of them, same with the GPUs.

What I want to share is: BCC 50% + profitable, thats is a LOT. If anyone swicht BTC/BCC i want to know, if not, I just sharing the information.

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What you see from the S9 now will be substantially different from what you see from it in Octo, Nov, Dec, Jan… that was more of what i was getting at. the early batch S9/D3/L3+ are money makers for sure.

As far as BCC… yes, it seems to be more profitable from what ive read and the difficulty seems lower. but im not speaking from experience… altough i wish i was… if you have a december D3 you get ROI in like 20 days!

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I dont know why are you talking about mining with antminers sucks. I just saying BCC its more profitable that BTC right now.

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I never said mining with antminers sucks or anything close to that.

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