BCD has gone past mars wtf ?!


Can someone explain this? Whats the news? What happened? Its $500 on KuCoin and $170 and climing at Binance.


No nonsense pump going on. But you can’t send BCD anywhere so there’s no arbitrage opportunities.


Yep, sadly.



yeah … was watching the portfolio and my coins that are traded @ KuCoin and Binance mostly got sucked up by the BCD hype :sweat_smile:


Lol I had some BCD at one time…
Sold it right o way for ICX…:yum::sunglasses::bitrocket::explopants::explopants3:


Rollin again - daaaaamn :rocket:


Bcd has had some momentum the last couple days


I’m about to mess with a new trading strategy and when i was paper trading last night it was the coin I picked - I’d have been up almost 20% today

it’s a simple 10/20 MA with Heinki Ashi candles - I’ll start a threat on it when I get the fiat in bitcoin again