Beam or Grin ,what do you invest in?

Hi guys,
I was hoping there would be much more chatter about these two coins considering the tech is so groundbreaking (from what i read/understand).
Anyone buying any of these coins?
I was hoping the price would dive after a few days but it seems it has kept the value pretty well so i’m thinking getting some Beam myself.
My little understanding is that Beam has more advanced tech and the whole economy part is more well planned. Its more centralized but it is also have a more clear roadmap. What i understand is that it will be more decentralized with time. Grin is more like Bitcoin but also more simplistic and still has no real GUI wallet…
Looking forward hearing your thoughts.

ps. I know LTC is also adding MimbleWimle with the help from Beam team. Not sure if LTC will be fully based on MW or it will be more like a sidechain…Maybe Both these coins become obsolete if LTC adds MW…

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Grin is inflationary… so it doesn’t make much sense to HODL it.

Also MimbleWimble will likely be added to a lot of coins (LTC being the first example), so I don’t see much value in investing in coins like Grin or Beam where MimbleWimble is the entire basis of the tech. As you mentioned, they will likely become obsolete.

I’d prefer it be a value added type addition to something else that already has strong fundamentals.


Agree that both would be obsolete IF and only IF other crypto can take advantage of MW but since its a totally new way of recording the transactions history i dont see how they can change the whole blockchain.
I can see a sidechain but not a full overhaul. I also asked this on Beam’s channel and the only answer i got was basically that they will have the benefits on Layer1 while most others will add it on layer2.
That is what these 2 coins bring to the table. Also i agree about Grin. I’m mostly intressted in Beam since it has a limited amount (262 million or so).


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