Bee Token ICO - Hacked - Beware



I understand, but I’m not talking about the domain name. I’m talking about the warning signs to look for in any ico offering or company. What they did was what bitconnect did: guaranteed gains. The fact that they promised a 100% (double) gain was far more than bitconnect because they were pressed for time, as they knew eventually they’d be caught and had a small window to act out their plan.


so no chance to recover my money ?


I can’t say. I’d be very doubtful though. Look at how the bitconnect lawsuit is playing out to get an idea. If the scammers are competent, they will launder the money and disappear. Unfortunate, but it looks like they have the forethought to plan out something this coordinated already, so I’m betting they’ll have a plan to avoid capture.


Dude, i dont think bee token themselves are behind it. It was a hack, there are too many well respected people behind the team of bee token to do something like this when they could have easily just raised the money anyway and performed well as a business.


everybody knows that ,dude, doesn’t absolve them that they were careless about security of their system


I recieved the email and saw the ETH address and thought why the fuck would they send me ETH address? then saw 100% bonus then I thought this must be a scam.
damn. some people sent 29 ether, 20, 16 ether,
shit looks painful.
sorry for those who lost


well they hacked the emails and the official website, so i thought , must be ok , damn lost a lot


Yeah. I checked their website and I decided not to invest. Even their original website looked scammy to me after recieving that email. Then I decided to pass this ICO


website was an exact copy of theirs, they rerouted it from .org to .com


wtf? did they send you a link in the email ? this is all they sent me.

The screenshot of their email:


yep me too , but i decided to check their website to be certain lol, and even that was hacked i found out afterwards, when i investigated you saw .org switch to .com in a fraction of seconds and you could participate in the sale of the token, just as the real beetoken


I’m aware that the team didn’t perpetuate this. I am giving out tips for anything regardless of how legitimate they are or not. You can read my statements about the coins and companies as perfectly interchangeable with the scammers. Certainly bitconnect was “legitimate” to some as well but I only bring up the company to compare with his current situation to use as reference for how he might not be seeing his money ever again. I’m not drawing direct parallels between the people themselves. The observation of these warning signs would have saved him his money, which he describes as a large portion of his life’s savings.


Yes, what caught my attention was receiving that email, because i didn’t get accepted for this phase. That was the first flag. The second was the 100% bonus. The third was the sender email address.

So after that i searched a bit, telegram, twitter, official website and realized it was a scam.

This will not be last one. They will try to do more phishing attacks on other ICOs, so be safe everyone.


To be fair, you were careless too. You mentioned that you checked the website, but you didn’t compare the ETH contribution address to the one you saw on the scam email. Also, something must be fishy whenever someone stated guaranteed returns.


Thats a simple redirect. You were clicking through the fake email?


Actually from the screen shot I do not think there was a link in the email so could have been some kind of DNS attack. Either way there a fairly simple ways to check you are on a genuine website that really belongs to the real company especially when any type of money/crypto transfer is involved.

Basically check and check again by just following some of the tips below. Seeing that there is a Green padlock is not enough. All this means is that there is a secure connection between client and host. When money is involved look a bit deeper at the actual security certificate as described in this excellent guide.


no i looked the beetoken . org and was immediately redirected to the fake identical, so they hacked their website also


UPPSALA - Sentinel - when launched would probably stop a lot of this scam shit. Wonder how the guests from exchanges thought about the demo?


$1 million in ETH stolen


My brother just told me the same thing happened with DADI. Hehe received a phishing email trying to do the same thing. ICOs are going to be hackers paradise.