Been noticing some bugs in coinpuffs lately


Some bugs I’ve been noticing on coinpuffs lately that I thought I should point out. Note: I use coinpuffs pretty much daily.

  1. total market cap not updating for a while now

  2. 24hr % change incorrectly displaying as green when it should be red (at least, when I cross reference with coin market cap, could be different sources of info but it seems strange to have such large differences in price movement).

  3. Site seems to be caching old data and then jumping to updated data. When I first navigate to coinpuffs I always see this screen for approximately one second, then it jumps to the live feed shown above.

    this happens every time I navigate to coinpuffs, even when I just refresh the page. The coins are still in the same order according to market cap, but the prices are way wrong.

  4. Live updates seem to stop after a certain amount of time on the page. Possibly by design?


there are a few things that need to be fixed and/ or reviewed!


Yes this has been going on for little while now and I asked the same question in another thread. From the replies that I received in that thread its just @john and @peter time has been put into working on . As I stated in the thread, I don’t mind that myself and I’m sure the nation doesn’t mind either. We are looking forward to guys so keep at it. :+1:


lmk. should be fixed. holla!


Yes we have our Coinpuffs back:metal::metal::metal:, thank you @john .


I logged into my puff and XinFin coin and Aurora coin appear as the top 2. I refreshed couple of times but it stays the same. I don’t know if its just me or not but just wanted to report it.


Also, even though I would LOVE it if it was true and we will get there one day but the total market cap numbers are off as well.


just gotta wait for hte markets to adjust to the new coin and volume.


ICON has been stuck at 2.12 for a couple weeks now :grin:


I finally got around to switching my bookmarks from CMC over to Coinpuffs. Was poking around on it today for the first time in months, and although there was a lot to love, the prices are off.

Cardano for instance, shows $0.17 on the main listing, however on it’s own page it shows $0.13. When I return back to the main page, it then shows $0.13 as well. If I then refresh, it returns back to $0.17. I tried a few other coins to see if the issue persisted, and it seemed to affect quite a few.

Price is absolutely critical, so this bug could potentially be a deal breaker for many. All bugs aside, great work!


Ada is stuck at 13 cents.


Yeh, we’re seeing this too @john