Beginning help with equipment set up

Hi everyone I am extremely new I’ll be asking a lot of questions so anyone chime in please.

First : I’m looking into mining I believe with the hardware I’m starting out with I won’t be profitable but I’m willing to learn not making this in a job but as a hobby I’m currently leaning towards hard drive plotting but please help

Second: equipment
-6x dell optiplex 760 usff 2-4gigs ram, intel 2ghz processors 32bit, 160gigs hard drives each having 220watts each, each running Ubuntu 16.04
-1x 1900 dell power edge tower server 1 intel processor 8gigs ram, I believe 32bit as that’s what Ubuntu I have running on it with 500gig raid hard drives

-2x 2900 dell power edge tower server dual cpu these 2 machines aren’t fully built yet needing some components

-2x 1tb external usb hard drives different brands

Third: questions I need help answering
-what can I mine with the current setups?
-what software to install and run (complete guide)
-what wallet to use? Currently have minergate and blockchain

Please help me I know I’m new but I’m committed just need someone to teach me the ropes thank you

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