Behind the Scenes of Peter Saddington Youtube - Workspace, Workflow, Editing!



I wanted to help out our DCTV Team of Correspondents as well as anyone interested in creating a Youtube show, some small parts of how I put my production together.

Now, there is a LOT that I have thought of (after making the clips), but feel free to use this space to ask me questions!

These are actually some of the most fun videos I get to create… because I can help YOU GUYS LEVEL UP! :rocket: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

A tweet if you want to share!

A post on!


no question from me, but just a thank you for doing what you do, if not just from a crypto standpoint, you have been an inspiration personally. keep being awesome bro!:muscle:


Thank you sir sincerely for this opportunity and sharing your experience with us



Mad respect thank you as always


Be still my heart… this is awesome!


great stuff here!
thank you Peter.


Thank You - this put me in the direction I need to go! :rocket:


Great stuff, very interesting :+1:


How do you Livestream a Zoom chat? I’m having difficulties… :frowning:


Did you watch the video? I went through it on the BSBC channel here:


here’s the previeous video where i show zoom issues. a lot of the same info… just skip ahead to screen share


i went through the video… and that’s where i went wrong and things got messed up. :frowning: I know i messed it up, and i cant figure out how to fix it


Are you overlaying the screen right?
Add the whole screen over?


pretty sure I am. obs is able to capture my screen. but if I am using the camera for obs… zoom doesn’t allow me to use the camera for the zoom chats.


tried changing the order of which applications to start first, and my video dissappeared completely. welcome to the audio… SMDH…


managed to get the obs to record zoom, but it sucked


anyways, im gonna take a small break from this. gotta meeting to go to


Good Video Peter as I have bought all the necessary equipment you have plus some and will be streaming very soon for my business.

Here’s what I have:

  1. Imac mid 2018
  2. 3 -logitech C920 Cameras 1080p
  3. Arkon Iphone Table Stand for overhead shots
  4. Blue Yeti
  5. Stream Deck
  6. Savage 10ft White Back Drop with 3 Roll Adapter
  7. 2- $100 Tripods
  8. 3- Dracast LEDs with stands
  9. DJI OSMO Gymbal
  10. Sandmarc Wide Lens for iPhone X
  11. Acoustic Panels
  12. Spinning Turn Table

I plan on using what I have Final Cut Pro.
What are the pros and cons of using Adobe Premier vs Final Cut Pro?

Can anyone chime in?