Ben Swann - Waking up to the MSM Propaganda at The Bitcoin Embassy



Loved listening to Ben Swann!

The WWI Conspiracy Part 1-3

So much greatness… i just had to buy him a burger!
And… talk the future of crypto!.. synergies???

What I wanted to talk about is the future of how can help independent journalists, content-producers, and activists.

How can we help create BETTER news alternatives that allow those content creators get paid too… lots of problems to solve!

Keep smashing atoms together!


I used to send Ben Swann Reality checks segments to my father who was the assignment editor for a number one rated TV station in Tucson Arizona. The subject line always had “The Example” written in it. I was hoping that their TV station would start doing segments like that but it never even kind of happened;-) Seeing how impossible it was at my father’s TV station to get reality checks segments ever happening there I started wondering what that journey was like for Ben Swann and only recently was I able to hear that story, = Ben Swann Presentation Anarchapulco 2018


Our man doing it good


How a future Trump Cabinet member gave a serial sex abuser the deal of a lifetime


It does seem like pretty much everybody went to that island. Also Jeffrey was so connected that I think he was the ultimate Pandora’s box of elite pedophilia. The powers that be new that if they started with him it would lead to everyone in an unstoppable way. It’s also known that Jeffrey had secret cameras throughout that island and that he would record footage of really powerful people doing super compromising things. This might be the real way that he got a lesser sentence. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if that footage was stolen since it’s so valuable in the wrong hands. It’s known that the elite like to own their assets and by being able to take somebody down with pedophilia charges was seen as permission to rise your career to the top. If anybody should step out of line then they just get taken down like Dominique Strauss-Kahn who was the head of the IMF and was instantly destroyed this way. Or even though I’m not a fan of David Petraeus, his career ended with a sex scandal. Petraeus was the head of the CIA and I don’t believe the CIA ever cared about fidelity. Or Dennis Hastert the Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives was 3 positions under the presidency of America. He’s in jail right now for all that stuff. There’re people that believe that Jeffrey has spent $20-$30 million just on concrete in the last year to try to fill in all those tunnels on his island with concrete. Jeffrey Epstein is the perfect person for this topic to become a way bigger than any of those people want it to be…

Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard recounts how he got so high up on the pyramid structure they started to invite him to pedophile parties because the establishment realized they didn’t have any dirt on him to take him down and that he knew too much…

This is the story of the Franklin cover-up, Where kids from Nebraska are shuttled in Jets to Washington DC and back = Conspiracy Of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary)

This is the story of Hollywood pedophilia on the other side America. Completely out-of-control, as far as you can possibly go. I lived in LA for five years and I have friends that have been through this as part of their history as childhood actors in LA. For me when it all became real is when I met people and they confirmed to me this was all going on in LA. Though my point is that this is like a sport for the elite and It very well may end up being there Achilles Heel as well.