Best 1060 GPU makes for mining?



I am looking into GPU mining now. I have decided to go with the 1060 6GB GPU’s. Not sure which brand though. They all seem to have different performance ratings but I am having trouble locating a source with bench marking data on it. Can you point me in the right direction brothers?

P.S. I came to this decision using the website and calculating the cost of the card by the highest profit per day and coming to a payoff period and the 1060 had the quickest payoff period. Let me know if this conclusion is flawed or if I am looking at this all wrong.



First of all, you should go with 1070 or 1080 if you are planning to stay on it for longer.
1060 are on average ok now but with the difficult increase etc in some months from now your profit will be just enough to cover your power cost.

My ring is 6x 1080TI now of course 1070 are less expensive but knowing the speed the difficulty raising I want something that will can mine for 2 years at least.

whattomine is good website to figure out with what to mine BUT it shows less hashrate that the actual after OC.

For example for 1080TI it says 635.0Hz but on reality is 740 with OC.


Thanks for the reply. The problem with this whole thing is its hard to nail down any information. Like for instance you talk about the difficulty increasing in (x)months. Is there a way to tell what all the variables are like when the difficulty increases, which pool is best to mine, which card maker to go with, what OS to use windows vs linux, which mobo to go with etc. Thanks brother.


I’m zcash miner (the best mining coin for NVIDIA - for ETH is ok but AMD is better on it).
So for zcash the difficulty increase everyday (for ETH is even worse)

For example 1080TI was making 10$ per day before 2 months and now around 3.7 to 4.20 (depending on the difficulty and coin price).

So now basically you need 2x1080TI to make the same amount …

My MSI 1070 GAMING X Hashrate is 440 my 1080TI is doing 740H so you need 2x 1070 to make the same hashrate of 1080TI

Of course 1080TI is expensive GPU , and when i build my ring I had only 2 1080 so…


Whats platform do you use to mine and what temps do your 1080ti cards run at. I am currently using NiceHash to mine with two rigs with x4 1080ti Strix Cards pulling in some decent money mining on these rigs. My power requirements are pretty much 0 with my solar/battery setup for the mining. I have managed to keep the temps to around 55c with a slight OC on the GPUS.


EWBF 0.3.4b with disabled dev fee ( :metal: )

64 to 70*C

You are double-mining with NiceHash and get paid directly by NiceHash?


Yes with the double mining with nice hash and yes get paid direct by nicehash every week. I dont really mind as on of them are my main rig and it never gets switched off so why not i say. its free money :smile:

I think if you get your temps down you will notice a good increase with your mining rigs. i like to run corsair fans between the Strix Cards for added airflow. i did notice about 10 - 15% increase in production doing this.

On the plus side i use all the heat generated to heat my house so its a win win.


Doing the same with the free heat :smiley:

You are using the NiceHash wallet or external? I know that their fees are 4-5% and is what takes me off.

On the other hand zCash is jumping all day from 230 up to 290 so you can sell high and earn more?


i use an external wallet and let it build up so i use it for new hardware. I might look into the zCash to see if it will profit more. can never have to much profits


Also interested to see what the new GPU will mine at using the Nvidia Volta Cards


I believe will give no more than 800-820Hash on zCash


I saw this video a while back and it really confirmed to me that the most consistent GPU is the 1070.

Ethereum Profitability Overtime

Of course there are other coins to mine and Nvidia cards typically do better mining Zcash (at the moment).

Brand wise, I haven’t seen too much of a difference. Each GPU will perform slightly different because of how it’s made. I will be bringing a new rig online soon that will have a different manufacturer than the rigs we currently have running. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes in the hashrate.


I still believe that 1080TI is the best investment for LONG long term.
(ofc the prices will drop with the release of Volta)


I wished I had more 1070s – its a very good GPU for ETH too, 31-32Mhs with easy OC and runs cool without any BIOS modding. I have very good experience with the Zotac 1070 Minis. 6 x 1070s=191MHs, 770watts (200core,1400mem, PL=110)


Good info here guys, thanks. Think I may get myself some 1070s. And these, unlike the cheaper cards are actually available…albeit at an inflated price.


I managed to find one being sold on craigslist for 300$. I’m going to contact the guy today and see if the card is good or not.


from my point of view, energetically speaking is a good card, but at that same price range (or less) you can get a RX 570 that offers more performance (exclusively speaking of mine) with 20% more performance.


here is a great list, both gpu and other miners, it is worth playing with.


I use a MSI 1060 Gaming X 6GB and I have mine running at 2126mhz overclocked, max power and my temps are around 56 Celsius. Seem right?


I always do a goil calculation , meaning , My goal what i want to have in sols/s (Example 10000 sols/s) and what it would cost me to reach that goal, also calculating in the power costs .

Example 10000Sols/s ZEC is my goil (power cost 0.175$ kw/h) and (card prices hier in switzerland) (all rigs are 8 card)

For an 1060 6g build i would need 4 rigs (initial cost 11000$) (9860 sols @ 2890 Watts 3.4sol/w) = 2915.-$ profit = ROI 3.77 months

For an 1070ti build i would need 3 rigs(initial cost 14079$)(11760sols @ 2760 watts 4.26sol/w) = 3578.-$ profit = ROI 3.93 Months

and for an 1080ti build i would need 2 rigs(initial cost 14626$)(11200sols @ 3200 watts 3.5sol/w) = 3326.-$ profit =ROI 4.39 Months

all these values are real world values that i took from my own mining farm (over 100 gpu’s ) (10603g_10606g_1070_1070ti_1080ti_vega64_rx580_rx480)
so speaking of long term , if you do the math the 1070ti is the best out there.
In the price calculation was included number of PSU`s @1200watts each ,risers,ram,cpu,and motherboards.