Hi just thought you guys might be able recommend best ASIC mining Pools???


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In order of my preference.

  1. Slush Pool, been around for a long time and while it’s not the biggest, it super reliable and a lot of people swear by it. It is also the only public one in the list that is NOT located in China. However, is has a 2% mining fee.

  2. F2Pool, based in China, does 6-7% of the Bitcoin mining and is often used by AntMiners. Has a 1% mining fee.

  3. Antpool, owned by BitMain and located in China, does 25% of the Bitcoin mining, so generally good regular shares can be done - again 1% mining fee.

  4. is very big and free, based in China and 1% mining fee.

  5. BitFury, but its a private pool, so you need to “apply” and if accepted, there is no mining fees and it is based in Georgia. However, there is rumours it is a bit shady.

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Awesome Thank You for your help :ok_hand:
Will get started mining SHA 256 tricky trix just in time for the take off… :rocket:

Stay Fishy @Mike_Fishy

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