Best Day to DCA?


I’m ready to DCA again but curious as to what day I should choose for the lowest prices. In the past, I believe it was Wednesday. Is this still the case?

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Search is your friend.


Oops! I didn’t realize that had been updated so recently. Wednesday it is!

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Fridays… you mean… it is…


@Cavria You need to get on the streams :wink:

Every Friday is DCA Friday :slightly_smiling_face:


Why Friday? Most crashes happen on Monday.


Friday has always worked for me. Sometimes i sell some of my BTC on a thursday night or evening at a high and around late Friday afternoon i buy it back. It has worked for me like a dream, with an exception when there is a bull trap just like we have one right now.

I dont encourage everyone to do this, since i dont know how much they hold and are willing to risk. With the profits i make i buy the alts on my list and a part of it goes towards growing my BTC :slight_smile:


The most recent post on there from @mwlang says Wednesday has been the lowest recently. This was posted in September. Am I missing something?


@MaxP I’m definitely wanting in on the streams. Can you give me the info on how to access them?

@waqhon Interesting strategy. I’ll look into it.


Nothing missed. I update it periodically. Doubtful anything’s changed since Sept since volume on the exchanges has been so low.


Monday - Friday on YouTube, I’m in the U.K. so it’s around 15:30 where I am. I’m not sure where you are too work it out


Yes Wednesday is another day where btc price drops. Wednesday and Fridays are good days to DCA in general.


I usually see the lowest prices over the weekend. Any weekend with a holiday usually having an even nicer dip. Most likely due to lower volumes thanks to people doing stuff.


Hopefully we see some good dips over the next few weekends.


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