Best Nvidia GPU to mine Ethereum Classic?


I apologize if those of you already seen this post in my other discussion, but I decided to make a separate thread for this. Since I got two Nvidia EVGA SC 1070 and SC2 1070 cards, total four cards, I am thinking of investing into the EVGA SC2 1080 Ti cards. I have a 1600w EVGA platinum PSU, ASUS prime Z170-P motherboard, 8gm vengeance corsair RAM, 64gb USB stick in for HIVE OS. I was going to get two more cards at most to fulfill my rig that can hold 6 cards. For now though, I am looking at getting one EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming from amazon for $768.89 or should I just get two more EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC2 Gaming for $399.99 each?

I’ve been looking at the power draw in watts and the Mh/s for Ethereum classic mining as well as mining for other coins, but ETC currently attracts me at the moment. Currently on HIVEOS using Ethermine I’m getting 27.76 Mh/s per SC2 1070 card drawing roughly 125w each and read online that the average Mh/s on the 1080 Ti is around 32 Mh/s (according to various websites) with a total max 250w power draw (according to amazon). Though I am hobby mining, I want to get somewhat serious about this with max 6 cards in my rig. What do you recommend as my next two cards?

I look at it this way, two more EVGA Nvidia 1070 SC2’s, max draw per amazon is 170w each, two EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 with max draw is 250w each. Then the Mh/s is 26.7 with the 1070s from what HIVEos says, but then again, I assume the 1080 Ti can get 31-35 Mh/s (for almost $368 more than the 1070s). I’ve been doing a lot of searching, googling, and going back and forth between two more 1070s (total about 53Mh/s) or get two 1080 Ti (total about 62 Mh/s at cost of more watts drawn). I’m just being super indecisive now.


too bad you already have the cards - the RX580 with 8GB will get you 31.5Mh with a little tweaking and the one I have is running for $230 on Amazon right now

Best card is debatable but the RX580 gives you some of the best bang for your buck


Ah got it thanks! I guess the bang for your buck is the RX580 and GTX1070? I’ve done hours of research about this and I think I’m reading too much into it


about a year ago there was a thread that put the RX580’s as the best bang for buck - don’t think that’s changed and with prices on them going down - (but of course, ROI too) - they should be cheap to pick up


An A evga sc2 1080 ti card will do 51 mh/s rock solid all day long on ETC. i have 5 in an 8 card rig


Do you guys think I should get the EVGA SC2 1080Ti from amazon for $768.87 now or wait until the new 2080 or 2070 comes out? I plan to use the ethenlargementpill on the 1080 Ti it I do get that. Good thing is I can get the 1080 Ti from amazon at no extra cost since I have credit card points to burn. :sweat_smile:


The hash power on the new cards coming out is not that impressive from what I have seen so far. You are better off with a 1080ti


Thanks! Gonna order a 1080 Ti on Amazon or but things keep rolling in…such as the EVGA PowerLink as it looks attracting to better power cable management. Its free on BHphotovideo but $4.99 on amazon as an add on. I know its not necessary, but has anyone used it before? I’m thinking it should be benefit cable management while its sitting on the mining rig frame and on my amazon basic 4 level shelf (its on the second shelf). I just didn’t want the cables to be touching the GPUs or motherboard.