Best Place to Buy ETH LTC BTC Other than Coinbase


Other than coinbase, where is a good place to purchase bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin etc. I am based in New Zealand (coinbase doesn’t work here). I’ve been using but that is limited to bitcoin. Any other good trading sites?


I use Bitstamp. I don’t know whether works in New Zealand. There you can purchase BTC, ethereu, litecoin and ripple. And soon they are going to list Bitcoin cash


Bitstamp would be fine for $5k USD upwards. But the IBAN transfer fee could be pricey below.

Sure Oz folks have a local exchange they can do a bank transfer. If not, bitstamp is a good exchange.

One hack, no customers screwed over, full disclosure. But it was same hacker who did Huobi and Tether the other week.


In my case I decided to use it because it has license by the Luxembourg government to be a fully regulated and licensed exchange in the EU.

Maybe I’m wrong but that give some kind of confidence.


I’ve always just it for large purchases since it started after intersango shutdown.

History note. Intersango was UK exchange which ran till it got leaned on. I could buy a BTC for 10 GBP… With my ordinary bank account…

It was written by Amir Taaki who totally rewrote bitcoin after Satoshi and fixed a lot of bugs.


wouldn’t this work for you?


Can you also sell on these sites?


You should ask Crypto Lark on You Tube. Just do a search for his channel. He’s a super cool dude and a fellow New Zealand’r. He’ll know the best place 4 sure.


yes you can - it’s an exchange based in New Zealand. If you verify your account with them you can send FIAT :+1:


Yes of course. You can sell in euros and dollars


Cryptopia has good buy prices and you can deposit nzd into it and buy coins. I’m actually setting up a nz bank account from Australia just so I can trade for cheaper on there :slight_smile: You can sell and buy on there as well


Would an Aus ANZ account work? Or would I need an NZ account too?


No you need an actual nz account to transfer to. You can go into any Commonwealth bank and they can help you set up a nz ASB bank account. I’ve been told that once the account is setup up they organise internet banking, and through internet banking you can transfer in and out of cryptopia. I asked how much it cost to deposit money into the ASB account and was told that it is treated like an international transfer and will cost $6 per transfer…which isn’t too bad :slight_smile: I paid approx $5 fee to send btc from coinbase to cryptopia. Buy prices on cryptopia are cheaper than coinbase too…but coinbase is the lowest buying price I’ve found here in aus so far.


Hi guys, Molly from CoinCorner here. I’m aware that this is quite an old post now but I came across it and just wanted to let you know that our services are available in New Zealand too! We recently announced support for ETH, LTC and XRP (as well as BTC, of course!)
If you have any questions, please let me know :slight_smile: