Beta access, patreon


Guys (Peter and John),

Get serious. I still can’t get into the beta with the user/pass betabetabeta?@!?!?!??!?!

Please, respond to my queries on Patreon.

P.S. your community is still bigger than the few being addressed and given an opportunity to control the rest (KL stated that i might not be a patreon member next…year was it or some lesss/more/why should it be discussed ??? Please, if you are sure on creating a “decentralized” community, make sure that you have a statement on that and a plan that can be followed. You might not be in a need of funding from the regular people, but you still need us if you want to create a valuable community



pretty sure their ass is flat on work + family.

how many questions do you think they are bombarded with daily…?

even if they are millionaires i think the purpose of their projects is based off a community support system. perhaps think of it like mining for a block lol… they have around 5+ projects and like they stated in videos etc, out of how many projects actually work/last 2 of 10?.. this could just be the backbone in creating the community we need then spreading out into their other platforms being built.

although i would like to see a “road map” lol…


2 things:

  1. you need to take a break and have a little bit of patience.
  2. feel free to remove yourself from patreon… posting part of the password publicly has disabled our trust you as a patron and as a tester. if you don’t, i can do it for you. we appreciate your support but not at the cost of security for the other patrons.

good luck.


Hey man. Appreciate your question.

As @erics said, we are smashed.
Imagine, for a moment, how much content we push out on all our mediums:

  • Twitter, Pub, Patreon, Youtube, Linkedin, etc etc

I wake up to about 500+ comments, emails, DMs, replys, etc every day. It’s exhausting.
My nights after 1AM are usually trying to catch up on everything.
Notice how I ‘see’ all things in the Pub? I read EVERYTHING.

We NEED feedback to make the best system in place.

We also need to deliver quickly. Decentralization is the key, but it’s not decentralized right now. It’s just faster to build the way we are doing it.

As for Patreon, we experiment all things, even tiers.
We appreciate this FULLY voluntary giving to support our endeavors. I’ve said it many times: “There must be a business. It is good for man to earn a wage from the hard work he does. Lest he despise those he serves.”

I appreciate your patience and your willingness.

Please just remember, it’s just me and @john supporting ALL our properties.