#BETACohort - Growth Boot Camp - Introduction & Session 1 - Seeking Truth!




Session 1:



Are we selling embroidered Yen sweater vests yet? Damn, those would be handsome.


What do you want in life?

  • I want to get married with A^^ and start a family
  • I want to get my dream job
  • I want to get back to play drums
  • I want to travel with A^^
  • I want to be able to help other people
  • I want to 'pay forward"

What are your talents?

  • I’m a good drummer
  • I’m a good listener
  • I’m a good public speaker
  • I often go the ‘second mile’

What are your interest?

  • music
  • psychology
  • human relationships
  • long-lasting communities
  • marketing

What are your weaknesses?

  • I have problems with communication, regardless of language use, however, I live long enough to see some patterns that my power often coming perfectly in my weakness. e.g . drumming, public speaking an so on.
  • Lack of self esteem
  • Have had some problems often to fulfilled my plans and things what I wanted to do.

How hard are you willing to work?

  • I’m in the process of discovering, what real work means and I often view that is a lot for me to improve in that matter. Also, I would have to admire that I knew what it means because I remember times when I’ve been playing drums 12 hours a day. I think with me it’s the combination of how clearly I can see the reward - but possibly that’s not the perfect word to describe but I definitely must see the goal of work I have to put in to have a fuel to do it.

Can you accept failure?

There’s no other way to succeed without failures, right? - But I didn’t give any answer right now …
YES! but it’s coming with pain - which I always get through.


This is both awesome and thorough. A great start to the boot camp cohort.


I would wear that sweater! Especially since I wear them all winter already.


Thank you Mike for your feedback and your work.
It’s also great, because I can know you better!


I hope your life is richer for it, but I am just a guy. I’ll be looking forward to more posts.


What would your dream job entail?


Representing the love code, welcoming people, wishing them happy birthdays, looking for the best ways to help them, learning together, living life, always being available for help and support and mostly … giving away a ridiculous amount of YOKEN’s :yenicorndeal:


Interesting dream job. People on Yen would appreciate all of that


Here are my notes for the first session. Enjoy!


Late post:

  1. What do I want in life:

Family: For my children to live comfortably debt free
Work: sigh… to transition into something other than what I’m already doing (social work)
Travel: to explore countries, meet new people, and add to my lens
Find my purpose: Have spent last 20 yrs in social work but feel like there is a different purpose for the second half of my life

Things I am interested in:

i like to learn new things
event planning

lots of self doubt which directly affects motivation
although I like to learn new things it normally takes me longer than most due to my learning style
I don’t like a lot of pressure
if I can’t learn something as quickly as I’d like I get frustrated

  1. Will to work?

Very hard if I am passionate about a project. Very hard if it is beneficial to someone else.

Not so hard if I don’t see a possible positive outcome. Working for the government for 20 years has jaded me because some tasks are mundane with no benefit other than someone “said so” therefore I don’t work very hard at those.


Def accept failure. I fail all the time. lolol


What do I want - No Debt
- To know the truth
- Enjoy My Work
- Leave a legacy for my Daughter.
- Be my own boss
- Tap into creative juices to promote and be a part of something bigger (Yen)
- Successfully launch an online business
- Use animations to effectively get my message across
- Vlog to promote my online store, “how-to” eBay, drum, or crypto videos.
- Learn to do SEO for my products

Talents - Display/Packaging Concept Design, Mfg & Distribution
- Sales Drive
- Creativity (for things I like and understand)
- eBay store experience, listing and shipping
- Finding authentic 2nd-hand items like art or collectibles and flipping them is my specialty
- Customer Relations
- Drumming
- Animations - I like the idea making animated educational videos. I’ve dedicated myself to learning the software and stretching the limits of my capabilities. I’m deep into a 10 part series that is crypto related. I’ve really learned a lot in the process. Now I’m realizing that leaning to animate isn’t just going to help me build crypto content. I can apply this to my packaging business, as well as the items I promote in my online stores. There is almost no limit.

Interests - Truth
- Family
-Crypto Family (Yen Nation)
- Crypto investing and the future of money
- Helping Others
- Plant Medicines
- Drumming
- Vintage audio and Records
- Vintage Drums
- Growing my own food
- Finding 2nd hand art and collectibles at fleamarket or thrift, flipping it on eBay.
- My Dogs

Weaknesses - Lacking confidence to get on camera
- Stubborn
- Trouble delegating sometimes
- Mixed history of goal setting
- Need for better money management
- Lacking more than a general understanding of some business aspects… Like SEO.
- Lack of focus on what’s most important, distracted by side-projects
- Sometimes sacrifice my own productivity for others.

How hard will I work? - I jump out of bed at 5:00AM every-morning. I work on animations in the mornings because I’m fresh and you really have to focus. It’s a lot of moving parts. I’m willing to work as much as is necessary. Whatever it takes!

Yes, I am willing to take risks and I’m willing to risk failure. You have to take risks.


Yoo, that’s great! Awesome to know more about you Sir and to boost your confidence to get on camera, you might check my new videos - I posted on discord, brother, please! We all learn! Do it
Welcome in Beta Cohort @BobbyWayne :yenicorn: