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The 10 Guidelines for Maintainable Software

  1. Write Short Units of Code
    Short units are easier to understand.

  2. Write Code Once
    Duplicated code means duplicated bugs and duplicating changes.

  3. Separate Concerns in Modules
    Modules with a single responsibility are easier to change.

  4. Keep Architecture Components Balanced
    A balanced architecture makes it easier to find your way.

  5. Automate Tests
    Automated tests are repeatable, and help to prevent bugs.

  6. Write Simple Units of Code
    Simple units are easier to test.

  7. Keep Unit Interfaces Small
    Units with small interfaces are easier to reuse.

  8. Couple Architecture Components Loosely
    Independent components can be maintained in isolation.

  9. Keep Your Codebase Small
    A small codebase requires less effort to maintain.

  10. Write Clean Code
    “Leave the campground cleaner than you found it.”


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