Bezant Token + Bitcoin Pub Giveaway 🔥



Hi everyone!! ! Check this out!! :fire::fire::fire:

Bezant x Bitcoin Pub Giveaway

  • 180,000 BZNT for Bitcoin Pub Pirate+ patrons and Bezant Telegram members
  • Be the first to see Peter Decentralized TV interview with Bezant CSO/CMO, Oh Thognsrinoon
  • Join Bitcoin Pub Patreon page and contribute $15 USD (Pub Pirate level)
  • Bezant will give 300 BZNT for the first 600 patron who contributed $15 USD
  • #bezant #bestasianico
  • Get access to other great videos and content
  • Be part of the coolest crypto group in the known world!

CURRENT Pirates and above will get their 300 tokens also but you have to join the Bezant telegram @bezant_official

Watch the video below :ok_hand::point_down:

Click here for the Patreon link:

After you sign up for Patreon Pirate level, you should have access to the video below!:

Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange

Too much :rocket: !

Time for explosion in the pahjis!


We are such a great community it’s often easy to forget how much of an impact we have in the Cryptonation. The Bezant project has so often said they hold a special place in their hearts for due to the love and support we have shown for them.

They wanted to pay back for our trust and belief in them and their project. It would have been easy to just airdrop some tokens but they wanted to make an lasting impact and together we created this incentive.

This is a great chance for current pub members to pay it forward and support this community while getting the financial compensation from Bezant. This incentive has also been posted in Bezants telegram group so we should see some fresh faces among the Pirate ranks soon.

Please make sure to check out the project and join their telegram group at @bezant_official


Yo! That’s what’s up!


Let’s meet the Booins :rocket:


That one can explode Dogelords pants



Yoooooo!!! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Amazing ! This is what i call love for the Bitcoin PUB, Let’s go Patreon peoples ! :beers::bezant:


Brilliant :bezant::v:

Just when Bezant’s marketing team was getting flack, they go and do something so brilliant on so many levels. @Duttydirtz must have had a hand in this one. Did they just honey dick the dogelord? @peter must be smiling ear to ear, like we all are. Long live the pub, long live Bezant!


I’m in, signing up. Bezant to the moon!


I value community over many other facets in the crypto world.
Bezant seems to favor community too.
I can dig that.


Brilliant idea and opportunity…yeeeeee


Amazeballs! :bezant::bitrocket:


300 bezant tokens would be worth $1200!! if bezant hits 1b marketcap.
$15 to support this amazing community + 300 bezant token, too much of a steal!
Thank you guys for making these amazing stuff happen!


guys it’s basically free membership paid back in bezant tokens
plus it is great way to support the pub in the long run


Sent it to the “Twitters” :cowboy_hat_face:


What a Sunday morning! Can a day start any better other than checking out the pub, reading excellent news from an awesome community!

Thank you guys for the continuous efforts you put in every day.

You are like a train that never stops, like a Duracell bunny that lasts and lasts and lasts, like a rocketship without running out of fuel!

Much appreciated! :pray:


Very proud to see many pub members showing Bezant some love in their telegram group. They certainly know how influential the pub is.


haha that is great :slight_smile: