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Is some day, the CriptexMarket people is writing me… asking money… for have all my deposits back…
Just received this email…

Hi Flavio,

Thank you for your patience. I apologise for only just sending you this email in regards to explaining why I called and what your client wanted me to relay to you.

There was a meeting last night to confirm that with a lot of major clients and corporations withdrawing balances over the last few weeks due to some bad press as well as people wanting to go back into holding coins that as from the 1st August 2018 the platform and company Cryptex Markets will go into liquidation.

It is very sudden and perhaps the reason that your advisor Mr Mint is choosing to go and work for a bigger platform.

I have been notified by him after relaying the information you gave me yesterday that it is up to you but if the deposit of $Xxxx is not made by yourself into the platform then your account from the 1st August 2018 will then go to be assessed by the debtors due to the platform losing a lot of its liquidity.

This is one of the main reasons that John wants to get you out as quickly as possible as he appreciates you have debts in which to make payable.

Due to the financial restraints on the platform clients who need to settle amounts need to deposit in coins only as the card provider has suspended payments.

I have confirmation from the director Gunther Heinman that once you make payment then within 24 hours you will receive all of your funds, this is due to the fact that at $100,000 you become classed as a corporate client.

If you decide that you can not or will not make the deposit then the matter from 1st August will go into the hands of the debtors and that would be a matter to take up with them.

I apologise for the news and please send me back a reply just to confirm you received this please.


Philip Watson


And again a email from John today:

Hi ,
I have received no notifications about you making a deposit so I take it you have taken the stance where you are happy to wait until the liquidators at Cryptex Markets have concluded their investigations.

I just wanted to wish you well if that is the case.

Kind regards



Let them burn! Judgement day’s coming soon…