Bigly problem! home being stolen by local government in nicaragua



Moon Goal: Recover my home, stolen by corrupt politician. To recover 25 years of investment and international development in the ruined east coast of Nicaragua.

It seems after 20 years the new generation of our children have a disconnect from what the previous generations did to secure their “easier” life-style.

So I personally have been trying to launch crypto based radio and television which can be operated within island communities with no internet, while creating their own internet in a way, locally utilizing multiple blockchain technoligies. So far I have built a radio station and managed to get the community to implement a recycling program and get the beaches free of trash. (they were completely covered in trash, 110%) If you saw the east coast in the 90’s youd remember tons and tons of trash ruining the beautiful Carribbean coast. The entire East cost of Nicaragua has become virtually trashless now, at least 80% cleaner as a whole by simply looking around. This makes me so happy inside!! Bigly Happiness.
We have come together as a team in many ways, for example, my friends who are resident to the communites there have begun a $5 a month cell phone company for low income individuals. I am coordinating the implementation of blockchain in all aspects for modernization and revenue creation, which is virtually non-existent. We need help! We dont have good internet, very very bad internet. Maybe 3 days month of “decent” internet on average.
Ok, so lots of ideas come to mind on how to utilize this great community to create the change and wealth necessary but I need help in development of my own cryptocurrency. I need ideas. In a few days there is a court hearing that will illegally throw us off of our land of over 25 years because some corrupt government employee wants it for them self.
In closing, I suppose if I had been greedier and more selfish, I could have saved all of my income (from my personal B&B) for myself instead of investing in my impoverished community with education and infrastructure. But there is a typical politician who is misguided with greed.

oh well i doubt ill get any response, but when you do bigly things, you get have bigly prolems!


Where about a in Nicaragua I have a friend who goes for a month every year and plans to move their and open a skate park when he makes some more in crypto. Maybe you too could work together


Well, I suppose you could say the Corn Islands. 40 miles off the coast of Bluefields in the Carribbean. Very remote and desolate. Friends now reside in Pearl Lagoon too

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I would love to try to work with this person. Perhaps he has some contact information I could utilize. Every person is important in the team

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