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Ethereum Classic

What do you think?


I think ethereum Classic is a good investment. Any large profits I make from this will go into bitcoin. I also feel the etc platform will outperform many others and it’ll likely be the one the survive the attrition of altcoins. Now I ain’t selling all of my ETC. I still wanna hodl long majority of my holdings. I’m sorry to sound negative. But thats just my opinion. Oh and also litecoin will likely survive the long haul as well in my honest opinion. But who knows maybe ETC will sit beneath litecoin following bitcoin at the throne?! Lol


ETC has no hope in :fire: of being a worthy replacement for ETH. I’d like to see it, but it’s not happening. It’s best chance, which it’s had and is getting more of, is being included in the innane “must diversify” approach that traditionals are bringing to crypto. I hope they get in early. Too much, too big, too many devs loyal to the cause. ETC’s history still hasn’t been told in a way that would convince the average retail investor that their “funds are SAFU” - unless they get the BCash gloss in the media. #daohack


Unless Vitalik can pull some mind bending additions in terms of tech eth may be limited going forward. It’s too expensive and it prone to getting clogged up, and Peter says it’s vulnerable to attack at some level. Eos is taking its position atm and who knows where they can go from here, but I personally can only see skycoin lasting the test of time and eventually being a top 3 coin. Pages of fud and misinformation come with them but they have some serious tech and vision. Also Ada will step up in years to come…


ETH is is as secure as the individual dummy writing the smart contract. It’s being tested, exploited, and improved on a daily basis. ETH is expensive if you’re needing to get a transaction through asap, and will be until side chains and scaling solutions are in use. No, EOS isn’t eating their lunch, EOS has a long way to go, I look forward to what that network looks like in a few years.

Skycoin? Are you :poop:'ing me?! :beetconnect:


Maybe CZ is just biased against western projects? I’m not impressed with EOS. It doesn’t seem different enough from ETH to replace or “kill” it. What’s the point of competing if you’re just going to copy? ETC at least will use side chains. Projects like ADA and ELA are different enough from ETH to be interesting competitors. NEO has a much more impressive virtual machine than EOS. Also keep an eye on projects that stay fairly quiet and are focused hard on development like KMD and ICX.


Yes I am serious, the main devs of skycoin were on the first dev teams of eth and btc, they know their stuff and broke away to make sky everything that eth and btc cant. Dig a little deeper and find honest reviews of sky and you will see. They have no marketing team which is obvious but keep an eye on them. They are a long term project and will rise to the top when everything else gets exposed as junk coins. I for one am selling my eos and turning it into sky. Remind me in 12 months from now how right I was…cheers



This is the link you need to watch, he explains everything you ever wanted to know about sky…


I like skycoin, so much so i went and got myself an official skyminer. They have kept every promise and delivered on the goods. I am looking forward to the affordable hardware wallets and the antennas images unnamed