Bitcoin 4 Year Cycle



If you are a Bitcoin enthusiast, investor or trader you may want to pay attention to this Holistic view on the past four year cycles of Bitcoin. Be glad you are an early adopter and believe in this technology…HOLD! and Hold your private :btc: KEYS!


Favorite chart:


Hey, I like your chart, it is very Tidy, why did you delete it? In any event, jump high, jump low Bitcoin to the future…we are in.


It was made quite a while ago so the pricings were a bit off. I went to find a better one then forgot. I undeleted it :+1:


Oh, I see, despite the numbers being off its in the ballpark as to what Price action can do. the overall point in it for me is the past and the forthcoming cycles


As a person like myself that’s willing to hold for 5 to 10 years, this sounds nice. :btc::rocket:


You are a wise Man, my friend…:slight_smile:


Thanks buddy. :wink:

Hopefully we all become winners.


The mere fact that You/We are in this space we are all winners…:slight_smile:


We keep saying - 2019 is the right moment for slowly accumulating BTC. Even $50 with each paycheck.