Bitcoin becomes self aware?

I am always thinking up crazy ideas for stories!

So If AI reaches a certain level could it integrate with the block chain, what would that look like?

Maybe BTC sends robots to guard/serve people that have at least 1BTC and this would be some form of democracy with the whales in control? That would be the good version lol… could the rebel alliance pull off a 51% attack and blow up the whale Death Star!

Or… maybe after reaching a certain difficulty it would go crazy and use us for fuel matrix style. Do we get saved by monero mining in the background slowing down the AI cpus?

What other crazy scenarios can you guys think of? I know I’m not the only bat @&/$ crazy one on here.

BTC sends terminators back in time, to stop bit connect wasa wasa wasa from ever happening!

PS-not high I promise


A few things come to mind with AI and Blockchain technology.

  1. Translate between languages to reduce the barrier of entry to the blockchain space
  2. Solve the quantum state of many particles at once, which can lead to faster transactions
  3. Identity Verification for blockchains that store identity data
  4. Flag errors in Smart Contact code or DApp code
  5. Schedule tasks to be completed based on data appearing on the blockchain
  6. Make recommendations based on pattern matching of data stored on the blockchain
  7. Become a better Twitter troll :stuck_out_tongue:

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