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Welcome to the Cryptonation! We’re so glad you’re here. If you’re BRAND new to crypto, we want to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Here’s a Glossary of Terms to keep in mind as well:

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  1. Need to get going with crypto? No problem! We have you covered:
  • Setting up a coinbase account
  • Setting up a bittrex account
  • Making your first trades


Here is a SUPER SIMPLE WALKTHROUGH for Setting up your wallet! -



[Expert Video] - How to trade from Coinbase with ZERO FEES. Watch this after you’ve mastered the first video!

  1. Now that you’re in the #cryptonation, it’s time to get your tickets to the big show. We go by simple rules here:
  • Buy Bitcoin now
  • Buy it at cost
  • HODL

Your ticket to the moon requires at least 1 BTC. After that, you can begin trading other alt coins at your own discretion.

  1. Many n00bs get caught up in FOMO (fear of missing out), and FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt). While this is normal, grounding yourself in principles allows you to make rational trades rather than emotional trades. Take some time to understand Principle Based Trading:

  1. Now that you have the principles down, you need to set goals. Goal setting is THE best way to ensure that you never lose focus of why you’re here, and what you want to get out of it. Take some time to set some goals:

COINMARKETCAP.COM - A great place to see all your favorite coins!

  1. Now that you have goals, understand that goals WILL not get get reached by themselves. You must discipline yourself daily to get to those goals. A lot of people here at the #cryptonation enjoy “cost averaging” as a way of incrementally increasing positions in certain coins. Cost averaging works well in traditional markets, but works extremely well in crypto, take a look:

Here’s how I’ve made SIGNIFICANT gains through cost averaging with our beloved Litecoin!:

If you’re looking for the spreadsheets on these, you can find them here:

  1. Now you’re on your way. You’ve hopefully began settling in. You’ve got several exchanges to work from and you understand the value of incremental investing over time with discipline and goals. Now, you may find yourself looking for greater challenges. No problem! Here’s a bit on some very powerful chart patterns if you want to do more weekly trading:

Wanna see screenshots of them? One of our awesome Pub members @heythaitea made a TL;DR:

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Starting with Candles:

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Candles and Candlestick Shadows:

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Spinning Tops & Doji:

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - More Ideas around Doji:

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Hammers and Hanging Men:

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Shooting Star and Inverted Hammer:

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Candlestick Summary and Tips:

Support and Resistance Lines -

Trading Ranges and Support Zones -

Trend Line Basics -

The Value of Volume -

Gap Analysis -

Moving Averages (MACD)

Relative Strength Index (RSI) -

#1 TIP to TRADING/INVESTING in Crypto - Set those goals BEFORE you buy! -

  1. Full transparency. I very much enjoy helping others. If you’d like to see a larger overview of what I’m generally working with, take a look at a video I did a couple months ago about my personal “active portfolio.” I hope it encourages you that you too, can earn over time!

  1. Now it’s time to jump into more details on trading. Here’s an off-the-cuff video I did when I was on vacation trying to help out my #cryptonation. It shows entry points on BTC, ETH, LTC and how I used moving averages to understand “momentum” in a market to get into a coin on an upward swing:

  1. Last but not least, welcome again. We’re so glad you’re here. We hope you have started the B90X program!

Make sure to create a mission and vision for your life!!!

Here is the MARKET PSYCHOLOGY series:

Here is the Good Product Design 12 Part Series:

Here is the 20 Par series on Going Bitcoin Professional:


[Check back to this thread monthly, I will most likely be updating it as more and more questions arise!]


Doge Lord is giving people a step by step video guide to gaining lifelong wealth. TO THE MOON.


For all the newbies out there looking to figure out how to use charting tools to make better trades - the Arcane Bear can help - Tijo does live videos almost every day that detail the tools he uses - he also answers questions during the live streams.


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Going to dump all these videos on the LinkedIn Group that I created, to help more people to get into cryptos:


Hey guys, Happy new year and much healthm hapiness and success to all… and may we all go to the mooon!
Im a noob and I have a stupid question:
I saw the video of @peter talking about the 7 basic chart patterns to look out for. I was wondering what the “time frame” was on those charts and what do you usually look at? Daily, monthly, etc…
Is it different Times frames for different strategies?


30 minutes and 1 hour are solid.


Great! Thx for the quick reply


@peter, Newbie question, here. Planning to start putting some money into alt coins. When I accumulate 1BT in multiple altcoins should I move them all into my BTC wallet (so I can be buy the ticket to the moon LOL) or should I keep accumulating them in altcoins until I have at least 2BTC or more?


Ticket first. Secure that. Then begin the game of thrones with the other alts!

If you’d like, you can dca into a full btc.

No worries! Just stay in the game!


Alright :slight_smile: I started DCA-ing in Icon and Iota (following your video)… .will do the same for BTC. Thanks!


Bittrex is not available. Any suggestions on alternatives? Thanks!


Binance works fine! Try that!


Binance is also not taking new people at this time.


You could try Kraken, Cryptopia, or poloniex. I’ve heard poloniex has recently changed their user agreement in ways that is unfavorable to the user, I have not confirmed that yet myself though. Also, do be careful when using any Crypto exchange, I personally have not had any troubles but many have and will continue to so be vigilant and safe out there. For when they do take on new users Binance is probably my current favorite. There is also the exchange that is tied in with KuCoin, but I do not know all that much about it.


Just watched Day 17 and I have a question. Learning about the open/ close of candles but why does it show the tail higher then the close? Does that mean that the price went really high then came down before the close? Thank you I really am learning a lot and actually enjoying the videos.


It shows what the price ended at (at the end of the session length).


@peter Hey man thank you so much for replying. You guys are doing a great job with the whole website and community. Keep it up. You guys have made me feel like i’m one of you even though I have only been here a couple days. I truly am blessed to have found this community. Thank you for making it easy for us all.


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