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Hey guys just a quick question, Im following the Ultimate guide and can’t open a Bittrex account at the moment as apparently they have too much traffic and have halted any new accounts opening! Im just wondering if its okay to continue without them and use GDAX instead? as I have an account there already set up.

Thanks for the help!


We’re here to help! THanks and spread the word of!


I couldn’t create on there it’s on lockdown till the 15th it said on their website. Just wait a day or use another market to buy from there are post in the forums about market places. One just opened up again for enrollments. Best of luck


Thanks for the heads up Frenchy, Ill check it out tomorrow and see if the gates opened! Cheers


hey how’s everybody doing?


my names Franco here in manila interested to get started with lending, but I’m not sure where to start, lookin at bitconect, salt and ethlend


can I get any help with this? appreciate it.


Start a thread in the alt coin section!


Hello all I am a crypto noob been in about a year now. I recently was sugested by friends to start a webpage for noobs like myself. So I did I am also one of the many Bitconnect people screwed. I do not want this to happen to me or anyone again. So this brings me to my Question. What are the most trusted Ivestment sites out there?
I have seen many and do not know whick to believe in so therefore i will not sugest to those who ask me. any success stories out there to help me compile a list of trusted investment sites would be greatly appreciated.


You’re at the right place. Check out


I have been wanting to create a coin since i started. just have no idea how too. my plan was a charitable coin called FEED. % of coin profits would go to local food shelters here in the us and also to help the world. i believe in crypto and i do believe it can change not only my way of life but the worlds and i believe this coin idea could do just that.


I have spent tons of time reading and watching this guide. Let me know if I’m wrong, so the easiest way to get into the crytocurrency is by investing some amount of money regularly. Then we buy bitcoin, we trade the bitcoin into altcoin in order to get more gain in bitcoin. But there is one thing bother me, @peter said we have go to the work… I assume that we have to check the price, look at the market cap, what’s been change, which coin is top gainer/loser. My question is, do we see the chart all day long? Spend so many time on the computer to finding some opportunities go into the market. Or we just do it weekly? Invest some amount of money, buy some bit or alt coin, then we sit and relax.

Or, if we have a quite amount of money, we start to build an experimental mining rig and start doing a mining to gain bitcoin daily.

So what is the best start to go?
What do you think guys.

And, sadly coinbase are not avialable in my country, as well as gdax. I have try to open bitrex, they dont accept new registration at the moment. I will try other site service and learn some more, dig deeper. Thank you for huge dogeee effort to make this information together.


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In Day 43 you asked what do I really want?
I really want to be my own boss, and Financially independent FOREVER.
I really am enjoying how you motivate people, or at least me. You really motivating me to think and be a certain way with Crypto. I’m looking forward to learning from you and the Pub. As always Thank you.


Stuck at step 1, Coinbase cannot be used by Mexicans… what next? :frowning:


Thanks for that @john, great info and passed it on. Keep up the good work crypto bros.
Ps. Don’t forget to take a break too :wink:


Guys I’ve seen a pretty helpful a step by step guide on buying altcoins in Youtube, might be helpful:


This Ultimate Guide is so awesome and very informative. Thank you very much Peter! I’ve been sharing this guide to everyone I’ve known hope they can learn about bitcoin. You’re inspired me into it and it’s been 6 months struggling since I’m in this market. I’m also just launch a new community that sharing cryptocurrency news, ideas and connect with other crypto-enthusiasts as well! Please come and join us


Appreciate it jihan wu! Keep crushing it!