Bitcoin & Blockchain Fair Sydney


Hi all,
Just came back from the Bitcoin & Blockchain fair @ Homebush (Sydney).
Probably 25 or so exhibitors. Not much of a crowd though. A few Aussie startups and ICO’s had displays. Heaps of goodies given away incl coins. Austrac also had a display which i found interesting as the Australian Government seems to really want to get on the front foot with crypto.
Had some really good conversations and made some great contacts in the industry, overall i would say its well worth it for anyone interested as it now moves to Melbourne i think.

Cheers, Punter.


It all must start somewhere! Awesome!


I was invited to the European Parliament for a blockchain meeting with lawmakers in Brussels on May 24th. Lawmakers from Australia, Japan, Lithuania, the US, and EU will be there. The morning event is at the Australian Embassy to Belgium/the EU, and the afternoon event is in the European Parliament chambers. Super excited!


Nice mate, I would have tried to make that had I know. Please feel free to shout out if you are going to any in the near future!


I only found out on Saturday about this as a mate was at the footy Friday night and saw the signs and told me about it, so was sorta rushed but in future i’ll be sure to post anything of interest.