Bitcoin bloggers


Hi, I’m wondering if there are any fellow bitcoin and crypto bloggers in here. Interested in hearing about your journey. How long have you being blogging? Do you still enjoy it? What’s your goals? Give a shout out to your blog and I’ll check it out.



i don’t blog exclusively about blockchain or cryptocurrency, but, I do blog daily (and have for the last 18 years) about startups, entrepreneurship, family, faith, and… other random :poop:.

i do enjoy it. my so-called “goals” are pretty simple (and haven’t changed): I write for myself.

i will say though… that blogging consistently has opened a ton of doors… more than I can possibly enumerate effectively. it’s a huge part of my life, career, and success i would say.



That’s a cool blog, John. I liked the stripped back feel of it which communicates a lot about your drivers - writing for yourself. I also really liked your about page which is full and has some great images of you and your family. From a bloggers perspective, huge respect for writing daily for the 18 years which is a triumph of stamina! Something for every blogger to aspire too. Thanks for sharing.



I have been “blogging” for about 8 years now. I started with a website about movie tips and those sorts of blogs. Then I began trading and I also created my first blog about investing (the first one about trading was in my native language - Czech). Now I am running a website about CFDs, forex, crypto etc. that is called You can check it out and let me know what you think :slight_smile:



Hey Michael. I recognise your site as I run a UK crypto blog and we have emailed in the past.



Oh, I see, now when I had a second look a recognised the preview image of you that is on your homepage :smiley: