Bitcoin can Make Your Future Generations Wealthy, NOT Rich




@peter, I appreciate your thoughts on creating, or instilling, wealth into the family tree; but I believe that Bitcoin will deliver riches in a more crude sense, along the way. Do you not see Bitcoin as an opportunity to be wealthy AND financially rich? Just wondering, because you emphasize not in “WEALTHY, NOT Rich.”__


A wealthy life is far more important. It’s an all encompassing philosophy of life (to me).

I’ve been rich. Having a wealthy, full life, is far more important to me now.


I concur. I am just wondering what drives you to say Bitcoin will not make you rich. I was an English major, so I understand your title to literally mean bitcoin will not deliver substantial “gains.”
Just surprised if that is what you meant, considering things I have heard you say about Bitcoin in the bull market.


Yeh. The real title should be:

“Bitcoin can Make Your Future Generations Wealthy, Only if You’re Willing to Put in the Fucking Work to Embrace this Awesome Technology that can Truly Change you and Your Family’s Life, or You Can Merely Speculate and Just Get Rich.”


Yep, or perhaps, “Bitcoin…Wealthy, NOT ONLY Rich.”