Bitcoin Cash VS BitcoinSV Live Stream! - FORK WARS + PREDICTIONS!



Live streaming the civil ware live!

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This is not a stream I’m particularly interested in… but I know enough about what’s going on to be somewhat dangerous.

This isn’t that important to me as an operator of… however, it’s important to the community. So I’m here!

These crypto-community issues are MY issues, because it’s something you guys care about. It has to do with your personal finances, so of course it’s important to you!

So I’m here. Let’s dig in.

Let’s look at the facts and from there let’s discuss the options.

Bitcoin Cash - Roger Ver

  • Proposed through BIP91 on July 2017
  • Born on August 1, 2017
  • Supported by: Bitmain, Binance,, Coinbase
  • Wants: Scaling improvements (on-chain), oracle services, smart contracts, lower fees

Bitcoin Cash is all about ‘adjusting blocksize cap’ - which is their interpretation of Satoshi’s Vision.

Going down tho…

Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision) // (Super Veloce)

  • Proposed and created on August 16 by Craig Wright
  • Supported by: CoinGeek, CalvinAyre,
  • Wants: To destroy BitcoinABC, increase block size to 128mb

Bitcoin SV is all about “miner choice, miners first” and allowing the economics of miner revenues direct the future of Bitcoin.

See Craig Wright’s F-U email to Roger:

Bitcoin Unlimited

  • Proposed and created in July 2017 by Andrew Clifford
  • Supported by: 30-35% miners support
  • Wants: BUIP098, increase blocksize to 128mg

Bitcoin Unlimited essentially is Clifford’s compromise to both BCH and BCHSV. So, forget them and just go Unlimited?


Objective Facts:

  • BCH is trading at ~$400 // ~$8B market cap
  • BCHSV is traking at ~$110
  • CoinGeek is largest BCash Mining Pool at ~40%
  • Bitmain will deploy 90,000 Antminer S9 to Bitcoin SV’s CoinGeek pool… (speculation)!

===What is the War About?===

They say it’s all about the “Hash power” – the computing resources committed by miners toward securing a blockchain – has been fluctuating between both camps in the days prior to the activation, though all signs point to Bitcoin SV proponents having the upper hand at this point…
Because of Bitcoin Cash’s underlying architecture, a 51 percent dominance in hash power will allow Bitcoin SV to launch attacks against the minority chain – and Wright has suggested that such action isn’t off the table.

===What this is REALLY ABOUT:===
The FUTURE security of Bitcoin and Satoshi’s ideas around mining and the “honest majority.” - What does this mean?

The “honest majority” refers to the idea that Bitcoin can only be fully secure with a guaranteed 51% (majority) of nodes are behaving non-maliciously. The economic incentives, the “gamification” of the market determines the security. If all are incentivized (monetarily), then the security of the network will stay up.

TL;DR: Bitcoin’s security is at stake. How do you destroy a coin? Remove the economic incentive of miners.

We have moved to the political realm of cryptocurrency!!! This is not about architecture, code, math, or economics. We have moved to POWER plays and political plays in crypto. A powerful distraction from the meta!

Remember: FORKS = ATTACKS!


What are the Dogelord’s predictions?

  • Bitcoin SV - 45-60% Hashrate
  • BCH - 20-40% Hashrate

Verdict: Roger Ver loses the technical / political battle.

We ALL LOSE THOUGH! - Why? - Because neither Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV have implemented transaction replay protection so that EITHER of them can survive! This means that not only can people lose funds with a split chain, but hackers and exploit the vulnerability and steal from users and exchanges! [Double spend anyone?]


This is an opportunity for you to exercise your free will. Do your own research, do your own independent thinking, make the best informed decision for yourself. At moments like these, we must remember the META GAME: To have personal agency, sovereignty, and freedom to transact WITHOUT constraints.

Here are my final thoughts and questions:

This is by design. Splits are good for spreading out the adoption and opportunities for masses to learn and get into crypto. We can WELCOME a hardfork in this regard because the GOAL is mass adoption. If adoption is the goal, then splitting and forking is a win!

Fractured ecosystem is where the middle-ware, integrators will win []. For builders, forks and contention are the mother of innovation. This should excite many of you who are building. There is an obvious need for better decentralized applications, integrators, on-ramps, and systems for scale. As a builder, this is a CLEAR CALL to build new solutions, not add to the noise, but create new realities that can help the masses!

The politicizing of cult-of-personality shows how Satoshi’s vision is NOT being lived out. His theories are based on economic game-theory, not petulant babies who cry on twitter and personalities who can drive politics in a new monetary system that is devoid of politics… or supposed to be devoid of politics. This reminds me of first principles of Satoshi’s vision. A trustless world? - We now have entire reddit threads created to try to ‘trust’ people like Craig Wright… WE DON’T NEED TO TRUST HIM. What a waste of time!

A centralized media discussing a decentralized world? The media is backward and using their old playbook: Focusing on talking points, political baboonery, mud slinging, personalities. Let’s NOT focus on technology, math, first principles of Bitcoin and decentralization. FAIR REPORTING does not get clicks. Objective reporting doesn’t get clicks. This highlights the need for far more decentralized infrastructure to support this burgeoning economy.

For me, moments like this remind me of why I’m a builder. Building the firmament, the fabric of the crypto economy, not just skimming off the top for clicks, hype, and political warfare. This is the perfect example of two personalities, fighting for power. I’m not into CENTRALIZED POWER PLAYS. I’m interested in each sovereign human being can LEVEL themselves up.

Final thoughts?

What will Roger do?

  • Silently retire?
  • Galvanize his base?
  • Reverse attack?
  • Continue grinding?

What will Craig Wright do?

  • Win? / Gloat?
  • Achieve more credibility?
  • What’s next? <- This is a big problem for me. Since there isn’t any ‘plan’… it just seems like cheap politics.

What is next for consumers?

What am I using to track all of this?

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email from bitpay…

Hi -------
You’ve probably heard that the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network is on track to experience a planned protocol change via a hard fork on November 15, 2018 . Here’s what you need to know about how this hard fork will affect your BCH-to-dollar load option for the BitPay Card:

What’s happening with Bitcoin Cash?

BitPay’s system uses the primary software implementation of Bitcoin Cash called Bitcoin ABC. Bitcoin ABC has scheduled a Bitcoin Cash protocol change via hard fork on November 15th.

While non-backward-compatible hard forks allow for rapid protocol innovation, they also carry a risk of creating a permanent split in a network. It is possible that Bitcoin Cash will experience this kind of split. This would create two versions of the Bitcoin Cash chain, resulting in disruptions for Bitcoin Cash payments.

How does this affect my BitPay Card loads?

To protect Bitcoin Cash users during the hard fork, BitPay will temporarily pause Bitcoin Cash payment processing. This means that BCH-to-dollar loads for your BitPay Card will be unavailable starting two hours prior to the expected start of the hard fork, at about 10 AM EST .

You will still be able to use BTC-to-dollar loads during this time. If you use Bitcoin Cash primarily, you might want to load up your card in advance if you need to spend during the time of the fork.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the fork?

Your funds held in US dollars on the BitPay Card are not at risk from this fork. Your BitPay Card will continue to work whenever you swipe with merchants or get cash from Visa®-compatible ATMs.

If you use the BitPay wallet or another Bitcoin Cash wallet, we strongly advise against sending transactions during the time of the fork. Bitcoin Cash transactions will be at increased risk of loss or double-spending. Funds you hold in your own wallet will not be at risk.

What’s next after this fork?

BitPay has not made any plans to migrate from the Bitcoin ABC implementation of Bitcoin Cash to a different implementation. BitPay will closely monitor network conditions and the chains resulting from a chain split. We will restore Bitcoin Cash-to-dollar loads when we are confident that you can pay securely, and we will notify you accordingly. Until then, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our customer success team.

Thanks again for using the BitPay Card!


The BitPay Team

The BitPay Visa® Prepaid Card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa, U.S.A. Inc. “Metropolitan” and “Metropolitan Commercial Bank” are registered trademarks of Metropolitan Commercial Bank © 2014. Use of the Card is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable Cardholder Agreement and fee schedule, if any.



SV is crashing now… down 60% in 24 hours


Awesome writeup and informative. Now I know what’s really going on with this ridiculousness.


@12:38 central time …


Maybe BCash will win this… interesting. Maybe the Jihan miners aren’t needed…


I heard multiple people say that they didn’t stop the possibility of replay attacks. I still remember people grabbing a large amount of ETC and it’s hard for me to understand why they wouldn’t fix that problem before it starts;-) Hash Wars!!!



SV currently 10 blocks behind. And it appears they quit spamming the ABC network, as block sizes have drastically diminished.


I’m pretty sure I saw a T-shirt once with a picture of Yoda on it saying “Crypto never dies, it just forks away…”


1:22 p.m. EST the first Bitcoin SV block was mined at height 556767 by Mempool, cementing the bifurcation of the Bitcoin Cash chain. Not long after, SV Pool found another block at height 556768, giving the chain a total of two blocks. then found block 556769 on the ABC side of the chain and then captured blocks 556770, and 556771.’s pool then found blocks 556772, and 556773, giving the ABC chain a five-block lead. found the next block at height 556774 on the ABC side of the chain, but the SV chain found a few more blocks (556769, 556770 and 556771). Even though data sites have been lagging due to the traffic, the SV chain has been slower at showing blocks processed. At 1:55 p.m. EST the ABC chain had a three-block lead ahead of the SV chain.


I’m not actually sure the total count right now but it looks like ABC is way ahead in number and speed… a surprise really…


ABC ahead by 15 blocks.

SV has slowed down dramatically in the last hour. I’m starting to wonder if Craig has lost some of his partners.


Here is the real question. Will Roger take credit?

I guess nobody wanted ‘Satoshi’s Vision’ of beet.


And how long will this hash War last, to determine the longest chain and the winner ??


I don’t understand, why would the loser will die?
When BCH forked away from BTC, BCH didn’t die. Now it is growing from one to two. :slight_smile:


Replace the word gear for hash.


Stocks go down world wide damaging all Fiat currencies and crypto currencies go up.

Seems odd that there is a fork attack at the largest crypto currency on the planet,almost like there trying to kill bitcoin to crush incintive to interact with the crypto markets.

George Soros is that you! oO


SV is now 30 blocks behind. Craig Wright is doneeee. Looks good on him.