Bitcoin for Beginners - Top 7 chart Patterns!



Not exhaustive, do your own research. But these are 7 patterns I’m always looking for to get in!

Great Links NEEDED!
[WIP] - EPIC Bitcoin Resource List! :rocket: :bomb: :fire:
Great Links NEEDED!

I have learned a lot from your videos Peter. The past couple days I have been diving head first into the realm of technical analysis. It is significantly improving my calls and I can finally see $$ being made.

Thanks for all that you do!


Cool! :smiley:
Do you plan a part 2 including fibonacci stuff/macd/butterfly/abcd/rsi, and so on?
I have hard time to speculate when should I exit from investments. (eg: I sold my XMR at 0.013 after 20% profit, but 1 day later XMR went up to 0.022 and it is sitll going to the moon. It hurts when I see I missed a 100%+ profit)


I love it Peter, really easy, simple and usefull.


I did a video on long term with macd. Check my other videos


Peter, maybe I missed this in the video, but do you mention time scale at some point? What time frame would you use to consider a pattern valid or not? Looking at the trading charts from a single day paints a very different story than the chart of the coin’s entire existence.


love it love it love it love it. Way to educate, @peter. I wish you’d been making videos when i first started, but i’m glad i got to get onboard.



Hey Peter, If you please look at NEO would you say it is similar to a “falling wedge”? Out of all 7 charts I believe its most similar to that at the moment but not entirely the same as one. I am wanting to go big into NEO but not sure about a good entry point at this time.


30 min is what I’m using as crypto moves fast enough. Pull out to hour if your longer term hold. Days are good for long term too. 30 min is to get in on right swings. I should have made that clear.


Great video! Skillz 2 $PAY tha Billz yo!


Very nice, I’m gonna print the patterns and post it on a wall for quick reference lol


Thanks for these today. This helps so much.


I practice to draw and read a bit graphs… I just made an example with Neo. And before this graph came to decrease I bet before its gonna fall. Is it right how i did it?

Can someone give me any feedback? (1 Min view - is it even valid?)


Btw. Peter, awesome video. It helps a lot!


how should I draw the chart for civic?
checked out Peter’s video, but I don’t get it.


Thanks Peter! This is an awesome video, I’ve shared it on twitter because I know some of me pals will appreciate this info.



I’ve already gone back to this video 4 times, its so goddamn useful :grin:


looks like a head and shoulders movement.


Guys, forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere but ive just found a great all-in-one chart site. I rate it as it allows users to enter the relevant code for a particular ‘stock’ i.e. BTC for Bitcoin, LTC for Litecoin etc which can then be added to your real time watch list, its easy to scroll between stocks. They host the majority of stocks held on the worlds stock exchanges, its also free(pro version not free).

There are also ‘tickers’ showing the live prices of Gold(which ive also invested in), oil price and various fiat currency prices. These can all be displayed in your favoured fiat currency. You can swap the chart between general static view or interactive dynamic view. Beneath each chart are news reports relevant to the particular stock you are viewing as well as members chart analysis and comments.


That’s what I’ve been using in the videos… …