Bitcoin Fork SegWit2x Makes Enemies In Brazil, Argentina As 50 Sign Opposition Letter


A group of business leaders from Brazil and Argentina issued a joint letter expressing concerns over the SegWit2x hard fork planned for next month. The letter, signed by around 50 supporters, issues 11 factors for its decision including a lack of planning and preparation to ensure minimal disruption. “We do believe the NYA signatories have the best of intentions in attempting to improve Bitcoin’s protocol, and we also recognize the invaluable service historically provided by the companies and the talented individuals associated with S2X,” the letter reads. “We profoundly disagree, however, with the means chosen to carry out such a plan. And therein lie all the discord, controversy, feverish debates, and even resentment for some actors.”

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What are your thoughts on this @john?


It’s hard because i’m not in the “inner” conversations that are surrounding this major decision.

i can see both angles… the desire to seek comprehension around a decision and then the need to move things forward with speed and velocity.

there isn’t a perfect balance here…


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