Bitcoin is (not) dead

“Startups aren’t watching the markets: in the last 3 months, the number of new crypto job listings has doubled.”

I don’t know where to the post so I’m just throwing it here…feel free to move it somewhere :wink: This hit my inbox and I thought I’d post it and comment a little.

I think it’s really important for traders to understand that Blockchain of which BTC is the flagship first mover is wrecking the world right now. Not at some point in the future, but right now.

Behind the scenes everyone has to deal with this monster and they are hiring people like crazy (chart). A lot of that capital that moved through the market in DEC. and Jan is now focused on building out the infrastructure. If you’re a builder you know that’s a slower process and it takes time it also takes $$$. People want to get paid Fiat and Crypto and/or equity. Whales understand this dynamic, VCs understand this, CEOs understand this, Devs understand this, maybe traders don’t…but it affects the market price of (insert your favorite crypto here) it’s prolly important to at least get as a backdrop.

So the smart money is watching the pipeline in 2018 and probably 2018-2020 that’s what whales and longterm investors are going to sink their Capital into. After that we’ll see. I think these frilly bullshit ICOs are going to a be a thing of the past because eventually people do get smarter if they pay attention :wink:

I’m in the building and builders could honestly give a flying rip about day to day markets. Whales are ultimately long and then jump in when strategy and easy money warrant the movements. This is best the best game to watch IMO. The microaction is a distraction because there’s such a deluge of BULLSHIT allbeit an entertaining one. Thanks #Verge and of course you can make good money in the BULLSHIT so I’m not saying don’t dive into the THOUSANDS of projects just know you’ll probably have to do a lot of cocaine at some point to keep up…which isn’t* advisable IMO.

This is good stuff:


market value (and business value) always is a lagging indicator of where developers spend their time.

in other words…

follow the software developers as they are working on the future.



I’m sure mother Bitcoin will do well next week after the Amazon announcement on the 27th.

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