Bitcoin is the king


I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I don’t know what cryptocurrency will look like in 10 years. I have no idea what cryptocurrency projects will fail and which will succeed. I have no idea if prices will go up 10 fold in the next month or down another 50%.

But I do know one thing. The world has never known anything like the monetary protocol that is bitcoin. Bitcoin is king.

Unpopular opinion: Bitcoin is the only proven tech in the cryptocurrency space. The only cryptocurrency that has proven its utility, security, liquidity, and long term growth. Bitcoin has more strong development work going on behind the scenes than any centralized project (most other cryptos).

None of us would be here right now, if not for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an automated consensus to a ruleset, which is it’s monetary policy and transaction network. A fundamental misunderstanding of what makes Bitcoin valuable is why so many fell for the bcash scam or why anyone believes that any altcoin will replace bitcoin as THE sound monetary protocol. Bitcoin is the only option for an economically asymmetric, sound, censorless hard money to exist in the digital economy.

Do I hold some altcoins for the gains? Do I hold some altcoins because I believe the crypto space will do nothing but continue to grow year after year? Do I believe cryptocurrency has the potential revolutionize various industries? All yes. But none of them will replace Bitcoin as THE sound monetary protocol.

Understand that there is a difference between buying bitcoins (with the intentions of the long term hodl) and speculating on altcoins for long term gains. Bitcoin is sound money. Bitcoin is the future of transaction. Bitcoin is the protocol, and the ecosystem is being built. Bitcoin will not go away.

Does Bitcoin have some issues? Absolutely. But don’t lose sight of the big picture. You invest in altcoins because the potential for returns are huge…but you invest in bitcoin because it is sound money. The soundest money. The hardest money. Even gold cannot compare. You should’ve bought bitcoin yesterday, you should buy bitcoin today, and you’ll need bitcoin tomorrow. You cannot go wrong with more bitcoins at any price level, for the long term hodl, because money is a tool, and sound money is the purest form of freedom of expression.

Get at least 1 Bitcoin. The sooner the better. Hodl. The day will come when this will no longer be achievable. I’m all for speculative investment, I love trading penny stocks for the big run gains…but there is no substitute for Bitcoin. There can only be one king.

If you understand this, you are ahead of 99% of the world in terms of the future of money.


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agreed, BTC = king

nice words man!!


Well written keep up the great article you posting dude !!


I thing that world of blockchain today is alike Internet of 90’. Just a Wild West world :smiley: Lets wait and I thing that some perspective alt coin projects will break into mainstream.


Hail to the King baby…
…as Duke Nukem would say.


Me and the missus used to love the original PC version of Duke, we’d be up all night & also get lost in time killin those alien bastards & Cop pigs wow you brought back some memories there Scraggy.:sunglasses::+1:


As ever a great write up there from HAC, I do as you say sir both in terms of Bitcoin & I funnelled my Airdropped Bcash into some other Alts that are currently bleeding to death but that was a free bet so to speak so I cant help have a little smile at the thought of those btc’s that will secure my retirement & my kids & grand-kids future.:+1::sunglasses:


Well said. I do believe it that bitcoin is king. These altcoins will possibly help us get those gains to put them into bitcoin. What do you think about litecoin? Litecoin will be the prince of crypto?


inb4 Bitcoin is flipped by an alt coin.
inb4 Bitcoin is flipped by many alt coins.

I think Bitcoin is only temporarily the king whilst we’re in this speculating stage. When real usability comes to crypto ( or atleast the next market ) I’m very positive the statements above will come true :slight_smile:

(didn’t read the article, just going off the title)


What value do your comments provide if you can’t even take the time to read the original post?


@cryptorice I think litecoin currently fills a transact-ability niche in the market. I feel like the longer bitcoin survives, the less litecoin needs to exist.

Bimetallism throughout history generally served to solve the problem of divisibility and keep poor people poorer by forcing them to transact with less hard currencies. Gold is a much harder currency than silver or copper.

Bitcoin doesn’t really need a copper or a silver on a long enough timescale because it is so easily divisible…and already the hardest money we’ve ever had. There’s no need for multiple monetary protocols.


Certainly a case of: The King is dead, long live the King!



No idea what you mean @jahn_quid


The King is dead, long live the King!

It’s traditionally a saying to announce a new leader.

However, it’s often used today to signify that the status quo tends to stay in place.

Just my opinion, which I think is, in line with your observation that generation 1 BTC is still king no matter how many others try to discredit it for its shortcomings.


Ah okay, I’m familiar with the saying in the sense of ushering in a new leader, that’s why I was confused.


i dont know i didn’t read the original post.

but it is related to the title so it very well could


I am looking forward to selling my litecoins at all time high for more bitcoin!


That is a good text in terms of emotions and its persuasive power. I agree that Bitcoin is the king now. It was the first crypto launched and it acts like a digital gold for the crypto world today. Traders and investors should hodl at least some portions of Bitcoin, just like people all over the world keep USD. But we also shouldn’t be stupidly optimistic. None of us knows for sure where we will be tomorrow. Cryptos are volatile and even Bitcoin may be replaced with other currency in a very short term. So, don’t focus on BTC only, look at the crypto world generally, grab some altcoins and learn about blockchain companies. The future is near, guys.


The king, however, is bored for now. Unfortunately, a lot has not happened in Bitcoin for a long time.