Bitcoin only wearable swag! - StoicCrypto Swag Store!



Hey guys! Have a look at my little Artist Shop and come back when the bear market will be over… Explore the collections and you will find one of the most wearable bitcoin stuff available…
The Bitcoin Shop by @stoiccrypto

Have a look and let me know what you think…

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Looks great, good job! :+1:


Thanks @Angela ! People like Jimmy Song, Giacomo, Leah Wald, Tyler Jenks and Tone Vays are fan already…
I am also happy with the threadless quality of the products. I got the idea to make the shop almost one year ago when we were discussing here on the Pub with @peter ideas for bitcoin t-shirts. By the way, I think I will send some to @peter, I know that he likes free t-shirts :wink::grinning: But how to get to know his size?


Nice work, this is the time to build something!


I’m a large. Thanks!


I can’t find the thread where you give your shipping address… any hint?

FORGET IT! I FOUND IT :grinning:


Hey @peter!! Thanks a lot for chilling my tees ( ) on the stream… Let’s make history!


You should have written a note so I could pump it!
Thanks so much!

Changed the name so people can find you better!


I know about the note… But it shipped straight from the warehouse in the USA to you so it would go fast. I am in France and they could not put a note for me inside :unamused:
Anyway I am so happy that you like them…